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Skiing across the country: reports through the preceding weekend


Vermont: Area operators spent George Washington's Birthday weekend shoveling out. Snow depths reached 100 inches. Road conditions kept crowds well below 1957 records. STOWE. Skiing superb. Holiday crowd about half of last year's. Mt. Mansfield Ski Club championships here March 16. UP 62, LO 52.

MAD RIVER GLEN. Annual family races here March 8. UP 67, LO 52, SN 22.

BIG BROMLEY. Skiing excellent. UP 68, LO 40, SN 20, CR 2,000.

MT. SNOW. UP 106, LO 50, CR 4,000.

Massachusetts: A growing network of rope tows in North Andover, Littleton and Groton areas are giving Bostonians quick, inexpensive family ski trips.

BOUSQUETS. Up to 350 skiers are coming for "night skiing Wednesday through Saturday nights. UP 56, LO 26, SN 18, CR 1,600.

JIMINY PEAK. UP 45, LO 26, SN 18, CR 450.

New York: Good skiing border to border. Drifts blocked some roads.

WHITEFACE. Wilderness Run becoming the New Yorker's equivalent of Stowe's famous Nose Dive. UP 40, LO 30, SN 21, CR 2,000.

BELLEAYRE. Big turnout despite notice that only four of the 13 trails were packed out. Area's snow tractors had been lent to rescue marooned families. Otto Weber of New York City won eastern Veteran's Giant Slalom. UP 50, LO 25, SN 18, CR 4,000.

CATAMOUNT. Largest crowd in area's history last Saturday. UP 40. LO 25, CR 1,350.

SNOW RIDGE. Entries for March 1 Savoy trophy race coming from as far west as Cleveland. UP 36, LO 24, SN 6, CR 1,500.

Pennsylvania: MT. LAUREL. UP 50, LO 15.

New Hampshire: Washington's Birthday, normally a peak in attendance, was but a bump on the graph of record crowds this year.

WILDCAT. Gondola cars were launched every 14 seconds to take care of biggest crowd since opening day. "Wildcat Parkas," service surplus alpaca-lined jackets for $14.95, are a sellout at Carroll Reed shop. UP 107.

CANNON MT. Deepest snow in area's records. UP 114, LO 14, CR 2,500.

SUNAPEE. N.H. Interclub Ski Council children's day brought out 400 young skiers for free lift rides. UP 70, LO 25, CR 2,500.

CRANMORE. Everything open. UP 70, LO 40.

BLACK MT. Area had daily crowds of 500. Reservations tight. UP 66, LO 45.

BELKNAP. Annual midget races for 4-year-olds and up March 2, 3. UP 65, LO 20.

Maine: SUGARLOAK. Area has had 212 inches of snowfall this year. UP 83, LO 60, CR 2,000.

PLEASANT MT. UP 60, LO 30, CR 1,000.

Quebec: Unusually excellent ski conditions all over the province.

MONT TREMULANT. Accommodation situation eases after March 7. UP 42, LO 33, SN 12, CR 900.

STE. AGATHE. UP 42, LO 36, SN 14.

ST. JOVITE. Expect skiing here well into April. UP 32, LO 32, SN 13.

MONT ROYAL. Area is in the middle of downtown Montreal, has two ropes, a metropolitan police ski patrol. CR 9,000.


Virginia: FOOTHILL FARM. Southernmost rope in the U.S., 3 miles south of Charlottesville, operated after last week's storm. CR 100 (see picture).


Michigan: BOYNE MT. Skiing good. UP 60, LO 18. SN 6. CR 1,000.

CABERFAE. UP 4, LO 7, SN 3, CR 1,500.

PORCUPINE. Midweek attendance running up to 300 skiers. UP 10, LO 14.

BRULE MT. UP 10, LO 12, CR 400.

Wisconsin: TROLLHAUGEN. Sno-Cats broke up ice on slopes to provide good skiing.

TELEMARK. UP 5, LO 1, CR 850.


Idaho: SUN VALLEY. Skiers crowded sun decks to get early start on spring tans. Most slopes had corn snow by midmorning. CR 1,200.

MT. BALDY. UP 46, LO 42, Dollar UP 30, LO 26.

MAGIC MT. Shirtsleeve weather, snow mushy after 2 p.m. UP 71, LO 64, CR 550.

BEAR GULCH. High elevation gave area good dry skiing. UP 58, LO 50, CR 400.

Utah: High temperatures ended last week's snowstorms, brought spring skiing and cleared roads throughout state.

ALTA. Warm weather brought out skiers' shorts, with cut-off Levis favored. UP 108, LO 94, SN 0. CR 1,000.

BRIGHTON. High temperatures have settled the snow into a fine base. UP 85, LO 74.

SNOW BASIN. Ogden Examiner's free ski school held graduation races over weekend for 700 pupils. UP 100, LO 89, CR 950.

Wyoming: JACKSON HOLE. Top excellent but lower section had ice. Skiers taking run down Leek's Canyon are met by ski jitney at end of run. UP 46, LO 26.

Montana: BIG MT. Experts painted skis with mix of Swix and Metro to beat warm, wet snow last week. UP 60, LO 48, SN 0.

WEST YELLOWSTONE. High altitude kept area's skiing excellent through warm spell. UP 72, LO 58, SN 4, CR 200.

Colorado: ASPEN. Snow holding up well against warm weather. Bell Mt. lift expected to operate again March 1. J. B. Thomas has service which flies skiers to selected peaks, picks them up by car down in the valleys.

WINTER PARK. UP 42, LO 30, SN 0, CR 1,800.

ARAPAHOE. All slopes still have powder.

LOVELAND. UP 60. LO 60, CR 1,500.


New Mexico: TAOS. Seniors from Taos took Deckerhoff trophy against Colorado racers.

SANTA FE. El Paso ski team took Spitz trophy giant slalom. UP 60, LO 20.

Arizona: SNOW BOWL. Excellent powder-snow skiing. UP 60, CR 1,200.

Alberta: SUNSHINE VILLAGE. Opens May 1. Chalet holds 75. UP 50.

Far West

British Columbia: GROUSE MT. Skiing good. UP 60, LO 18, CR 1,000.

Oregon: MT. HOOD. Snow needed at Gov't Camp. Timberline had more cover, but rain kept it wet. UP 250.


Washington: MT. BAKER. Rain produced heavy, settled base. Guided ski touring will start here March 1. UP 136. LO 120.

SNOQUALMIE. Thunderbird Restaurant will have ski fashion show March 6. UP 104.

WHITE PASS. UP 143, LO 69, SN 4, CR 1,200.

PARADISE. Jack Knapp and Marlene Anderson took firsts in ski-achievement tests in the Tacoma News-Tribune ski school.

MT. SPOKANE. UP 84, LO 60, CR 1,000.

Nevada: RENO. Best conditions in the Sierras here. UP 65, SN 2, CR 1,400.

California: SUGAR BOWL. Luiggi Foeger Ski School running to capacity, using 10 instructors on weekends. UP 175, LO 108.

SQUAW VALLEY. Pete Elliot, new U. of Calif, football coach, put on his first pair of skis here last weekend. UP 120, LO 42, SN 4, CR 2,500.

HEAVENLY VALLEY. All 67 motels within five-mile radius full last weekend. UP 58.

DEER PARK. Poma lift here carried overflow from Squaw. UP 72, LO 48, SN 0.

MAMMOTH MT. Lodge is adding large dining-recreation room. UP 168, LO 96, SN 19.

SNOW SUMMIT. UP 20, SN 10. CR 3,000.

BADGER PASS. LO 66, SN 2, CR 3,500.

MT. BALDY. Snow more than holding its own. UP 40, LO 20, SN 20. CR 2,000.

Check resorts for late condition changes

UP—inches of snow on upper slopes and trails
LO—inches of snow on lower slopes and trails
SN—inches of snowfall last week
CR—ski crowd last Saturday