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12 Galling Day for Two Fine Ladies
Elizabeth Arden Graham and Lucille Markey give a lesson in courage at Hialeah

16 Spectacle: Men Against the Water
The rough-and-tumble art of surf riding is meat and drink to the Australians

25 Senseless Death in Havana
A cluster of tragically empty shoes focuses auto racing's imperative need for spectator safety

30 A Penalty Bench for Basketball
Two Colorado basketball teams experiment with an idea from hockey

32 Preview of the NCAA Tournament
College basketball picks a national champion in an evenly matched series of battles

39 Reds at the Crossroads
Birdie Tebbetts and Gabe Paul answer some frank questions on Cincinnati's future

43 College Hockey Out West
The fans love it, but they may lose it as the league membership dwindles

54 This Was My Africa
A safari to Kenya fulfills the lifetime ambition of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S Virginia Kraft

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7 Scoreboard
9 Snow Patrol
10 Coming Events
21 Events & Discoveries
25 Focus
26 Wonderful World
39 Baseball
43 Hockey
46 Football
48 Golf
49 Tip from the Top
51 Bonnie Prudden
52 Charles Goren
69 19th Hole
72 Pat on the Back

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Cover: Australian wave rider

In Australia wave riding, a sport the Aussies borrowed from the Pacific islanders, now rivals tennis in popularity. This week's SPECTACLE (pages 16-20) shows the Aussies reveling in their borrowed sport.

Photograph by George Leavens














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•Proud Canada, defeated in its national game by Russia in the 1956 Winter Olympics, seeks revenge in the World Hockey Championships at Oslo. An eyewitness report.

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