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Getting into the classical position

The golfer who hits from the top of the backswing is in effect throwing the club away. He is more than likely to be the fellow who has worked very consciously to get his hands cocked at the top. His work goes for naught because he does it at the wrong time and in the wrong way.

The critical point in the swing occurs when you start down from the top: either you move into what I call the classical position or you don't. Once you learn how to get into this classical position—illustrated in the drawing below—you are bound to hit the ball right, and with good power. Haw do you get there?

To begin with, you should hold the club firmly with the left hand, less firmly (almost loosely) with the right. Forget about the hands and the wrists as you swing back. (You will probably go back better.) Then start down with both arms, getting the forearms ahead of the hands. That's the key move. When you get the forearms in front of the hands, it forces the weight over to the left side and it sets up a natural and important motion: the hands cock themselves as they sweep past the waist and enter the hitting area. In this classical position they are cocked at the right time and in the right position to produce a real hitting action and fine golf shots.

HARRY OBITZ, Shawnee Inn and CC, Shawnee-on-Delaware, Pa.



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