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Skiing across the country: reports through the preceding weekend


New Hampshire: State's areas just recorded biggest 14-day attendance ever.

DARTMOUTH SKIWAY. Dartmouth College, coached by Al Merrill and Bill Beck, broke Denver University's four-year stranglehold on NCAA Intercollegiate title by taking top two slalom places plus second and third in downhill. Denver won both jump and cross-country but failed to score in the runner-up soots (see SCOREBOARD). UP 56, LO 72.

CANNON MT. UP 120, LO 40, CR 3,000.

SUNAPEE. Attendance to date exceeds last year's total. LO 18, CR 1,000.

CRANMORE. Cars parked in the lot included licenses from Maryland, Illinois, Ohio, Washington, Colorado, Utah, Texas, Florida and D.C. One couple flew here from Miami, skied two days, flew back.

WILDCAT. Skiers at midway shack are being entertained by impromptu guitar sessions. Guitarist Napoleon Buteau is expert in French song. UP. 121, LO 90, CR 800.

Maine: SUGARLOAK. Skiing good. Expect skiing will last into May. UP 126, LO 70.

PLEASANT MT. Skiing excellent. UP 60.

New York: Rain last weekend turned to snow, added four inches of cover.

BEARPEN. Snow-blocked access roads expected to be cleared by this weekend. LO 63, SN 12.

BELLEAYRE. UP 48, LO 20, SN 4, CR 4,000.

ROXBURY. Experts finding the 40° Avalanche trail a real test. UP 60, LO 30, SN 8, CR 800.

WHITEFACE. Skiing excellent. UP 50, LO 20, SN 17, CR 1,800.

Massachusetts: Season still going strong in spite of some rain and thaw.

BOUSQUETS. UP 50, LO 26, SN 4, CR 950.

JIMINY PEAK. LO 14, SN 6, CR 350.

OTIS RIDGE. Heather Nesbit, class-A racer, now teaching here. UP 40, LO 12, CR 400.

Vermont: A foot of new snow hit state last weekend, brought good skiing.

STOWE. Sunny Snite of Hanover, N.H. took eastern junior combined title ahead of 31 girls, placed first in slalom. Lucy Hannah of Franconia, N.H. took downhill and giant slalom. Norton Weber of Farmington, Me. outscored 124 others for boys' title, tied with John Clough of Holderness, N.H. in slalom. D'Arcy Marsh of Putney, Vt. won downhill and Lindley Southerland of Woodstock, Vt. took giant slalom. UP 72, LO 55, SN 8, CR 4,500.

MAD RIVER GLEN. UP 70, LO 52, CR 600.

BIG BROMLEY. UP 70, SN 14, CR 2,500.

MT. SNOW. Lowell Thomas spent last week skiing and broadcasting here. UP 112, LO 60, SN 16, CR 4,000.

PICO PEAK. Annual Pico Derby, March 9, is open to anyone who can climb to top of two-mile Sunset schuss. UP 50.

Quebec: MT. TREMBLANT. Ski School Head Ernie McCulloch, after watching French skier Guy Perillat take Kandahar race here, commented, "Our skiers don't realize what being fit means." Largest crowd of season. UP 55, LO 38, SN 15, CR 3,000.

STE. ADELE. UP 44, LO 44, CR 3,500.

ST. AGATHE. UP 48, SN 10, CR 5,000.

LAC BEAUPORT. Ski crowd during year has been 90% U.S. UP 60, SN 6, CR 5,000.

Pennsylvania: MT. LAUREL. Skiing best of season. UP 40, LO 60, CR 500.


Michigan: Midwest thaw ended with Feb. 28 snow fall. Areas not too hard hit will have skiing this weekend.

BOYNE MT. Machine-made snow supplied only good skiing in lower Michigan.

BRULE MT. Skiing good. UP 4, LO 6, SN 4.

CLIFF'S RIDGE. Skiing good in spite of some loss of snow cover.

Wisconsin: SHELTERED VALLEY. Skiing good.


Colorado: Skiing excellent throughout.

ASPEN. Repair of Bell lift expected complete by this weekend. Wait lines on No. 1 chair have run from 50 minutes to 90 minutes during peak periods. Anderl Molterer, one of Austria's top three racers, to join ski school here March 7. UP 57, LO 29, SN 18, CR 2,600.

WINTER PARK. New rink at base area attracting Denver skaters. UP 42, LO 38.

LOVELAND. UP 57 LO 54, SN 9, CR 300.

Idaho: All areas reported excellent.

SUN VALLEY. Returnees from Europe wearing Lederhosen shorts with bright knee socks. Rosemarie Bogner, of the stretch pants dynasty, won the women's Sun Valley Ski Club race. Dick Davis of Ketchum took men's race. Mt. Baldy UP 50, LO 45, SN 4, CR 1,000.

BOGUS BASIN. Skiers are wearing embroidered western shirts tucked into pants. UP 72.

LOOKOUT PASS. Best conditions in the state. UP 106, LO 60, SN 11, CR 750.

MAGIC MT. Bright red stretch pants becoming a uniform for top girl skiers.

PINE BASIN. Hardier girls are skiing in wool skirts and knee socks as weather warms up. UP 46, LO 39, SN 3, CR 700.

Utah: Heavy fall of dry powder hit all areas.

ALTA. Powder was waist deep in spots. Reservations at area tight until April 13. UP 143, LO 110, SN 60, CR 900.

SNOW BASIN. National alpine championships here March 14-15. UP 112, SN 17, CR 750.

BRIGHTON. Weekends booked solid until end of season. UP 136, SN 54, CR 3,500.

Montana: New snow and lower temperatures repaired previous Chinook wind damage.

BIG MT. Skiing excellent. Belts of seal skin are becoming smart. UP 66, LO 48, SN 12, CR 500.

BRIDGER BOWL. Excellent. UP 48, LO 39.

Wyoming: JACKSON HOLE. Excellent skiing. Larry Jacobsen of Utah State took Inter-mountain Collegiate downhill. UP 48, LO 26.

TETON PASS. Light deep powder. UP 108.

New Mexico: TAOS. Flatlanders race March 23 will be limited to skiers living below 3,000 feet, at least 200 miles from a lift and who have skied less than 21 days a year. Expect large Texas entry.

SANTA FE. UP 60, LO 30, SN 15, CR 600.

Far West

California: Best conditions of the year in the south. Northern areas plan to ski till May 1.

SQUAW VALLEY. San Francisco 49ers had three-man representation in slalom race for lodge guests: first-string Players Hugh McElhenny, Billy Wilson and Y. A. Tittle. UP 180, LO 60, SN 24, CR 2,000.

SUGAR BOWL. LO 94, SN 24, CR 1,200.

BADGER PASS. Northern skiers whipped South team in their annual race. LO 71.

DODGE RIDGE. UP 96, LO 58, CR 6,500.

MT. BALDY. Best skiing in years. UP 36, LO 16, SN 6, CR 2,200.

MAMMOTH MT. LO 118, SN 14, CR 1,800.

SNOW SUMMIT. UP 28, LO 7, CR 3,200.

Washington: Cold weather dried snow out, brought back fine deep-powder skiing.

SKI ACRES. Mike O'Neill and Sandy Tynes of Seattle took most-improved Parent Teacher Association Ski School awards. UP 86, LO 82.

SNOQUALMIE. UP 100, SN 8, CR 4,000.

STEVENS PASS. UP 150, SN 15, CR 1,500.

MT. BAKER. UP 150, SN 24, CR 2,000.

PARADISE. UP 170, LO 163, SN 15, CR 300.

MT. SPOKANE. Girls are wearing close-fitting Alpina smooth-knit turtle-neck sweaters from Italy. UP 120, LO 72, SN 5, CR 400.

Oregon: Skiing excellent over entire state.

MT. HOOD. Government Camp, Timberline, Multopor and Ski Bowl all had best skiing of the year. LO 250, SN 30.

WILLAMETTE PASS. Area will operate Thursdays as well as weekends for the rest of season. LO 84, SN 31, CR 500.

Check resorts for late condition changes

UP—inches of snow on upper slopes and trails
LO—inches of snow on lower slopes and trails
SN—inches of snowfall last week
CR—ski crowd last Saturday