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BOXING—SUGAR HART, 10-round decision over Duke Harris, welterweights, New York.

Davey Dupas, 10-round split decision over Gale Kerwin, lightweights, Dallas.

Harold Gomes, 10-round split decision over Ike Chestnut, featherweights, New York.

COURT TENNIS—HARVARD, over Princeton, 6-1 and Yale, 7-0, invitation intercollegiate tournament for James H. Van Alen Bowl, New York.

FENCING—ILLINOIS, Big Ten title, with 32 pts., E. Lansing, Mich.

Columbia, over Penn. 14-13, for Ivy League championship, New York.

GOLF—MRS. BARBARA ROMACK PORTER, Sacramento, over Mrs. Mary Ann Reynolds, 3 & 2, Florida East Coast Amateur, St. Augustine, Fla.

GYMNASTICS—JAY WERNER, Penn State, Eastern intercollegiate all-round title, with 1,515 pts., University Park, Pa.

HORSE RACING—MEETING: $99,000 Hialeah Turf H., 1½ m., by 5 lengths, in 2:27⅘ Hialeah. John Ruane up.

MOVITAVE: $28,350 Barbara Frietchie H., 6 F., by 1 length, in 1:13⅗ Bowie. Nick Shuk up.

RACQUETS—GEOFFREY ATKINS and KENNETH WAGG, Britain, over Robert Grant and Clarence C. Pell Jr., 15-7, 15-6, 15-9, natl. doubles championship, New York.

SKIING—LESLIE FONO, Denver, natl. 30-km. cross-country title, in 2:10.18, Andover, Me.

SPEED SKATING—JACK DISNEY, Pasadena, Calif., natl. indoor sr. men's title; MARY NOVAK, Chicago, women's sr. title; ILLINOIS, team title, Champaign, Ill.

SQUASH RACQUETS—U.S., over Canada, 9-6, for Latham Cup; U.S., over Canada, 7-0, for Alastair Grant Trophy; Greenwich, Conn.

Smith Chapman, Sir George Williams College, Montreal, over Larry Sears, Harvard, 15-8, 15-2, 18-14, natl. intercollegiate title, New Haven, Conn.

SWIMMING—MICHIGAN, Big Ten title, with 112 pts., Iowa City.

Oklahoma, Big Eight championship, with 179 pts., Ames, Iowa.

Rutgers, Eastern collegiates, with 66 pts., New Brunswick, N.J.

Williams and Brown, tied for first, with 60 pts., New England College Title, Amherst, Mass.

TENNIS—PANCHO GONZALES, over Lew Hoad, 4 matches to 1. Hoad leads pro tour, 19-15.

TRACK & FIELD—ILLINOIS, Big Ten title, with 47½ pts., Champaign, Ill.