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Big League Ball Goes West

14 Who Called that Bum a Smodger? Patently, 'it must have been a San Franciscan

16 The two new major league parks: their dimensions and seating, drawn in color

18 The Giants and Dodgers in spring training: reports from Phoenix and Vero Beach

60 Footloose in two cities: a sprightly guide to San Francisco and Los Angeles

62 O'Malley and the Angels: a man's struggle with a sport and a business

20 Spectacle: Sugar Ray Dares the Odds
Carmen Basilio is favored to retain his middleweight title against Robinson at Chicago

28 The Plot Against Silky Sullivan
A horse-to-horse talk between Tim Tarn and Jewel's Reward, reported by an eavesdropping stable pony

32 Sacks and Chemises at Santa Anita
Of all the fashionable variations on Derby Day none was more striking than the blanket worn by Willie Shoemaker

34 Long Day's Journey at Sebring
A preview of the top U.S. road race, a unique American event, with a list of entries

52 For Women Golfers...
...A special wardrobe, designed by Bill Atkinson, who presents his new Fairways collection

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7 Scoreboard
10 Snow Patrol
13 Coming Events
25 Events & Discoveries
30 Wonderful World
41 Charles Goren
44 Basketball
46 Horse Racing
49 Tip from the Top
50 Bonnie Prudden
71 19th Hole
76 Pat on the Back

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Cover: Triple-header

The ever-fresh variety of sport is reflected in our cover: a fighter's face at a crucial moment, a glimpse of fashion on the fairway and a rendezvous with baseball's destiny.














Next week

•Roy Sievers of the Senators, the American League's home run champion, talks about the fine art of hitting in the second of a five-part series on Big League Secrets.

•April's big international auto show in Manhattan focuses attention on the phenomenal rise of foreign car sales in the U.S. With pictures of the leading cars.

•Harry Sprague, young driving-range instructor, goes on the winter golf circuit. His delightful letters home have been intercepted by our Herbert Warren Wind.