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Skiing across the country: reports through the preceding weekend


Vermont: Storm brought foot and a half of powder snow to entire state. Season should last till May in high areas.

STOWE. Mt. Mansfield Ski Club races attracted 124 contestants in cold wintry weather. LO 56. SN 10, CR 4,000.

BIG BROMLEY. Fred Pabst considering development of north side of mountain. UP 82, LO 45, CR 2,000.

MOUNT SNOW. Easter week reservations heaviest of season. UP 112, LO 63. CR 5,500.

JAY PEAK. Plans announced for $150,000 chair lift. Free baby-sitting service for housewives on Tuesdays. UP 90, CR 500.

HOGBACK. UP 60, LO 30, SN 14, CR 1,000.

Massachusetts: Foot of heavy powder over corn snow made fine spring skiing. Roads clear.

JIMINY PEAK. Huge Sunday morning pancakes are canteen specialty. UP 40, LO 20.

BOUSQUETS. Indoor swimming pool makes Eastover popular resort here. UP 46. CR 900.

New York: Some ski areas, barely recovered from earlier storms, were buried again under 18 inches of powder.

WHITEFACE. Top winter skiing conditions all over mountain. Some lodges full till mid-April, but reservations available in Lake Placid. UP 63. SN 17, CR 1,000.

LAKE PLACID. Hotel Marcy offering all-expense weeks at $59.50. UP 45, CR 2,000.

BEARPEN. Still shoveling out. UP 134.

BELLEAYUE. LO 24. SN 18. CR 2,500.

GREEK PEAK. UP 40, LO 20, CR 1,000.

SNOW RIDGE. Area had good spring skiing. UP 30. SN 4. CR 1,000.

New Hampshire: Major storm brought three feet of snow and bad driving conditions.

SUNAPEE. Area dug out by end of weekend. UP 70, LO 20, CR 1,000.

BELKNAP. Crowd of 500 here for carnival of Eastern Interclub Ski League of Boston.

WILDCAT. American Inferno scheduled March 29 or 30 at Tuckerman Ravine. UP 125, LO 93, CR 500.

CRANMORE. Area attracting midweek skiers. UP 90, LO 38, CR 1,500.

CANNON. Eastern Alpine combined title won by James Laird, 20, of Montpelier, Vt.

Pennsylvania: LAUREL. UP 45, CR 630.

Quebec: MONT TREMBLANT. Skiing excellent and all trails open. UP 55. SN 10, CR 1,000.

STE. AGATHE. Conditions excellent. UP 44, LO 38, CR 2,000.

MOUNT ROYAL. Skiers out in force after snowstorm. UP 35, SN 15, CR 4,000.

LAC BEAUPORT. Skiing good on granular surface. UP 44, SN 10, CR 2,000.


Michigan: PORCUPINE MT. Fresh snow brought fine powder skiing over weekend. Hart skis with Cubco bindings are popular. UP 18, SN 8, CR 700.

BOYNE MT. Area had fine spring skiing. UP 60, LO 20, CR 600.

Wisconsin: SHELTERED VALLEY. Good spring skiing on 6 to 12 inch base. SN 3.


Colorado: ASPEN. Skiing conditions excellent. New style in ski headgear is straw Gondolier hat imported from Venice. UP 61, LO 28, CR 2,700.

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS. Lions Club races dominated by Loris Werner of skiing Werners. UP 35, CR 3,000.

ARAPAHOE BASIN. New baby Poma especially popular with small fry.. Midwest ski groups descending on area for spring skiing. UP 65.

WINTER PARK. Junior racers prepping here for nationals March 20-23, find excellent conditions. UP 48, SN 8, CR 1,500.

Idaho: Dry powder snow and cold weather kept skiing conditions excellent.

SUN VALLEY. National Veterans race here March 22-23 expected to draw top ski competition. UP 63, LO 56, SN 4, CR 700.

LOOKOUT PASS. Powder experts thronging to area from all Northwest. Roads into area good. UP 104, CR 550.

PAYETTE LAKES. Eddie Ward selected to represent Pacific Northwest in both national Alpine and Nordic juniors. UP 56.

Utah: Fresh cover of powder settled fast.

ALTA. Group of 65 skiing Los Angeles doctors here to discuss medical problems and deep-snow technique. UP 123, SN 11.

BRIGHTON. Wet and heavy new snow packed well to provide excellent skiing for large ski crowd. UP 127, LO 117, SN 12, CR 3,000.

SNOW BASIN. Stan Harwood, U. of Colorado, won giant slalom, Frank Brown, U. of Colorado, Alpine combined, and Beverly Anderson of Mullan, Idaho took women's Alpine combined in nationals.

Montana: Cold weather held snow.

BIG MT. Skiing excellent. Sno-Cats operating to top of mountain. Over 100 skiers from Calgary, Alberta here learn Wedeln from Hinderman Ski School. UP 84, SN 4.

BRIDGER BOWL. Best dry powder of year here. Avalanche school for ski patrol well attended. UP 72, SN 16, CR 575.

New Mexico: TAOS. Taos Cup ski races to be held March 23. LO 72, SN 37, CR 400.

Far West

California: Heaviest snowfall of the winter had all Sierra ski resorts digging out and area men looking forward to long season.

SUGAR BOWL. Vanderbilt Memorial collegiate meet scheduled March 21-23. Ski jumping events at Granlibakken. UP 210, SN 24, CR 1,200.

SQUAW VALLEY. Excellent deep-powder skiing on KT 22, site of Olympic slalom. SN 48, CR 1,000.

HEAVENLY VALLEY. Area crew worked all night to clear access road for weekend crowd. Stein Eriksen ski school will operate till April 13. UP 150, SN 30, CR 800.

Nevada: RENO SKI BOWL. Some avalanche danger and skiers warned to stay on marked trails. UP 180, SN 48, CR 800.

Oregon: Cold weather held excellent powder snow conditions in southern part of state, while sunny days make fine corn snow in west.

MT. HOOD. Skiing very good on hard pack.

SPOUT SPRINGS. Chains required to reach area. Skiing good. UP 78, LO 66, CR 500.

Washington: A cold, dry week brought spring corn snow to all areas.

MOUNT SPOKANE. Touring parties skiing entire mountain. UP 126, LO 72, CR 600.

STEVENS. Trails of Barrier Face have excellent powder. UP 140, LO 118, SN 7, CR 900.

Alberta: MT. NORQUAY. Skiing very good. UP 27, SN 5.

MT. TEMPLE. Skiing excellent. UP 50, SN 5.

Check resorts for late condition changes

UP—inches of snow on upper slopes and trails
LO—inches of snow on lower slopes and trails
SN—inches of snowfall last week
CR—ski crowd last Saturday