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14 He Wins Games but Not Friends
The national basketball title goes to Kentucky's Adolph Rupp, but not popularity which might be his

16 Calamity for the Big Men
Some powerful sports cars fell by the wayside at Sebring as Ferraris roared home

18 Spectacle: The Florida Derby
Gulfstream presents a horse race in a setting which would bring envy to the eye of John Ringling North

27 Del Webb's Little Gerrymander
If a Philadelphia-Kansas City switch is good for the Yankees, well, it will be good for the Yankees

28 Fashionable Ways of Greeting Spring
From Puerto Rico to the Cascades, Americans cut figures in swimsuits, dice-cage hats, towering straws

32 The European Car Invasion
Latest foreign models, breaking all sales records, go on massive display in New York next week

35 Big League Secrets: Part 2
Roy Sievers, home run champion, points out the things a big league batter has to know

52 Ordeal of the Wood Ibis
David Goodnow photographs America's only true stork; John O'Reilly describes his late harsh winter

64 The Road to Augusta
Anthony Ravielli sketches the winter tour, and Herbert Warren Wind discloses some letters from a pro

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Cover: Roy Sievers

The explosive muscular power that generated 42 home runs last year is evident in these graphic drawings of Sievers, who discusses the complex art of hitting in Part 2 of Big League Secrets (pages 35-47).

Drawings by Robert Riger














Next week

•On the eve of the trout season Sparse Grey Hackle, John McDonald and Roderick Haig-Brown report on three great streams hitherto unknown to most fly-fishermen.

•The Masters golf classic is as valid a sign of spring as the first robin. John G. Zimmerman and Farrell Grehan have captured its spirit in a lively gallery of color pictures.

•Martin Kane, at the scene of battle in Chicago, reports one of the year's most important fights—the rematch between doughty Carmen Basilio and Sugar Ray Robinson.