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18 Handicap, My Eye!
Sugar Ray Robinson wins the middleweight title a fifth time, aided by Basilio's closed eye

22 Spectacle: The Masters
The greats of golf annually bring spring to the Winter Tour at the Augusta Masters

31 Distaff Diplomats on the Mark
Women athletes of the U.S. and U.S.S.R. prepare agendas in javelin, discus and basketball

32 Youth on Trial—The Rookies
Meet 11 young major leaguers you will be hearing about when the season gets under way

37 Trout Report: Three Dream Streams

38 Penn's Creek, Pa. by Sparse Grey Hackle
55 Armstrong's Creek, Mont. by John McDonald
63 Quinault River, Wash. by Roderick Haig-Brown

76 Some Australian Arrivals
A passel of whimsical Sydney silkies, photographed in color

88 The Willow and the Cherry Tree
A featherweight little lady finds that jujitsu lives up to its ancient legend. By Jean Paradise

The departments

6 Scoreboard
13 Snow Patrol
15 Coming Events
27 Events & Discoveries
32 Wonderful World
70 Charles Goren
79 Bonnie Prudden
80 Golf
84 Tip from the Top
97 19th Hole
100 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 13

Cover: Suddenly it was spring

"Spring is sprung," the sage said, and the voice of the peeper was heard. There are some other sure signs of the American spring: golf at Augusta (see page 22) and a fighting trout (see page 37).

Photographs by John G. Zimmerman
David Goodnow














Next week

•For baseball, spring arrives officially on April 14, Opening Day. In tribute to this historical truth, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED presents its fourth annual Baseball Issue.

•Detailed scouting reports analyze the strengths and weaknesses of all the 16 ball clubs and discuss each team's chances in the season ahead.

•Philip K. Wrigley, the shy owner of the Chicago Cubs, sits reluctantly for a penetrating word portrait; and a long-needed report bangs home some hitherto obscure truths about big league ball.