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Falcon Rifle Team

This trail-blazing team from the new Air Force Academy in Denver covered itself with glory when it met the Naval Academy's team at Annapolis for the first varsity athletic encounter between the two schools. The young Falcons outshot their senior-service opponents 1,439 to 1,426 to add another triumph to an already imposing record. The AFA team has won 21 consecutive meets since it entered competition last year, 11 of them this year.

This week they are shooting it out in sectional competition for the National Rifle Association team championship. They now have respectable hopes of national honors, since they have already shot a score higher than that which won last year's title. But whether they win or lose, these young men have secured for themselves a place in history as the first airmen ever to meet and conquer a service academy rival.

The Falcon squad is composed of one freshman, five sophomores and four juniors. Lined up in the back row are (left to right) Master Sergeant George Boley (team coach), Robert Siteman, James Weaver (team captain), Floyd Hester and Lieut. Colonel Allen Burdett, USA, officer in charge of the team. Kneeling in the middle row are Dennis Walsh, Jules L. Viquesny, Leon Goodson and Richard Kingman. Lying prone in the front row are Fred Carmichael, Alex Zimmerman and Robin Kozelka.