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Ann Bee

A transfer student at the Richmond Academy in Georgia, Ann Bee took up tennis "in desperation" because she had no friends. She won the first tournament she entered ("There just wasn't any competition for a girl in Georgia") and to the cheers of her classmates she became the Augusta Women's Tennis Champion a year later. Then Ann Bee entered Loyola University in New Orleans and ran into another old story: no girl had ever played varsity tennis at Loyola. So Ann Bee became the first, thanks to Coach Tom Oberst's encouragement. Ann was down with the flu when Loyola played its first matches, but in a week or two she will debut against the all-male Spring Hill College team.

"The thought of playing against a boy," says Ann, "scares me to death. I'm no Maureen Connolly." But Ann, an honor student in sociology, is good enough to have won the Class B New Orleans Women's Championship last fall, and her coach promises that she will give the boys real competition.