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Big year for the terry bag

The billowing bag silhouette no sooner settled over the forms of American womankind than designers hit upon its possibilities as a cover-up for the beach. Here previewed in California is something new: bags of terry, including one which can either be worn or used as a bag used to be—to carry things.

Bag silhouetted on a California beach include (from the left) Beverly Penberthy in a rickrack-trimmed Cone terry (Gertrude Davenport, $9); Jimmy Mitchell in a striped Fieldcrest poncho (Bonnie Cashin, $11); Geri Mirman in a tricolor Cone tunic (Gertrude Davenport, $6); Jan Currey in checkered beach "slip" (John Weitz, $14); Suzy Ruel, jacketed in Martex (Toni Owen, $17).

Laundry bag, banded with red, can be buttoned across the neck and arms and used to carry paraphernalia home (John Weitz, $8).

Hair-drying towel is attached as shawl collar to a full-length Cannon terry beach robe (designed by Bonnie Cashin for Dorian, $20).

Beach dresses silhouetted against California sunset are made of brilliant block-woven Martex and white Cone (both by John Weitz for Printzess Square, $23 left, $20 right).

Bathhrobe of Martex's geometric-printed toweling is an efficient after-swim blotter, has single button at low waistline (Toni Owen, $25).

Coverall of Cannon wraps and ties in Oriental fashion (Bonnie Cashin for Dorian, $20). Pagoda umbrella is from Frances Mihailoff.