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14 Meeting of East and West
The first Soviet athletes ever to compete here discover America—and vice versa. By Richard C. Phelan

18 Spectacle: Ojai's Annual Explosion
Of tennis, that is. Photographed in color by Phil Bath, plus Footloose in Ojai by Horace Sutton

27 Give Them What They Want
Some economic cuffnotes—from the world of sport—on the President's injunction, "Buy!"

30 Velvet Paws at the Cow Palace
How Eddie Machen and Zora Folley threw audacity to the winds

32 Britain's "Sceptre" on the Waves
The maiden voyage of the challenger for the America's Cup led to a splash of speculation

35 Big League Secrets: Part 3
Del Crandall, catcher for the World Champion Braves, talks about his techniques

56 A New Kind of Beach Bag
Chemise-in-terry provides the Sporting Look on the fashionable sands these days

60 The Great Migrator
The Canada goose is photographed in magnificent color and described by John O'Reilly

66 The Fantastic Cus D'Amato
Martin Kane discloses the thoughts and dreams of Champion Floyd Patterson's manager

The departments

8 Scoreboard
11 Snow Patrol
12 Coming Events
23 Events & Discoveries
28 Wonderful World
48 Golf
52 Tip from the Top
54 Charles Goren
56 Sporting Look
58 Travel
64 Bonnie Prudden
77 19th Hole
80 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 11

Cover: Del Crandall

All set for the next pitch, Del Crandall crouches tautly behind the plate in one of baseball's classic poses. This week he discusses the art of catching in Part 3 of Big League Secrets (see pages 35 to 17).

Drawings by Anthony Ravielli














Next week

•Silky Sullivan, who has gripped the imagination of the nation, meets Tim Tam—and some others—in the 84th Kentucky Derby. An illustrated 10-page PREVIEW of America's great Thoroughbred race.

•Richard Meek photographs California's debut in the big leagues—a historic first week, with the Giants and Dodgers playing each other in both San Francisco and Los Angeles.

•Charles Goren, who first discussed the Neapolitan system in this magazine, gives details of the complex bidding of the Italian champions.