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Skiing across the country: reports through the preceding weekend


New Hampshire: Spring skiing, the biggest and finest ever recorded here, got an added spurt when last week's storm dropped up to 18 inches of snow in the state.

WILDCAT. Skiers took to shorts, shirts and suntans as weather warmed. Gondola running smoothly. Expect to operate two more weekends. UP 124, LO 65, SN 18, CR 1,400.

SUNAPEE. Plan to operate to April 27. Attendance up 50% from last year. UP 35, LO 20, CR 600.

BELKNAP. Open weekends only through April 27. UP 45, LO 12, CR 100.

CANNON. Enough snow to ski into May, but lifts will close April 20 and area will belong to skiers who like to climb. LO 40, CR 1,500.

MT. WASHINGTON. Spring skiing in full swing, building toward annual Memorial Day peak. Mountain had record snowfall, should have good snow through June.

CRANMORE. Closed last weekend. Season attendance went 28% over record.

Maine: SUGARLOAF. Loaded with snow, will remain open as long as skiers come. UP 150, LO 95, SN 18, CR 400.

Massachusetts: Only sure skiing will be on Mt. Greylock where there is six feet of snow for ski tourers.

Vermont: Still going strong. Most areas picked up a foot of snow, will operate three more weekends.

JAY PEAK. Excellent skiing. Packed powder. UP 78, LO 64, SN 12, CR 500.

STOWE. Mansfield chair will run daily, but Toll House T bar closed. Spruce will run weekends only. UP 72, LO 36, CR 3,500.


MAD RIVER GLEN. UP 80, LO 60, SN 12.

MT. SNOW. All trails were good last weekend except one thin section on Canyon. UP 102, LO 4, SN 12, CR 2,000.

BIG BROMLEY. End of season not in sight here yet. UP 60, LO 26, SN 8, CR 1,200.

SNOW VALLEY. Should go a week or two longer than Bromley. UP 80, LO 40, SN 8, CR 350.

Quebec: Season's over. All lifts closed.


Michigan: All lifts closed.


Colorado: Heavy snowfall all last week.

ASPEN. Lifts closed for season.

ARAPAHOE. Powder snow was plentiful. Stein Eriksen and Anderl Molterer were going through instructor's certification school from kindergarten on up.

LOVELAND. UP 80, LO 75, SN 15, CR 700.

Utah: ALTA. Deep powder all over. Peruvian and Collins still closed by avalanche hazard. Intermountain instructor's clinic and certification this weekend. UP 171, LO 157, SN 18.

BRIGHTON. UP 132, LO 121, SN 12, CR 1,100.

Wyoming: TETON PASS. Touring skiers have choice of corn or powder. UP 118, SN 3.

JACKSON HOLE. Closed last weekend.

Montana: BIG MT. Ski school head Karl Hinderman booked into May for tours.

BRIDGER BOWL. Will ski here if access road can be cleared by this weekend.

Idaho: Excellent skiing in powder snow.

LOOKOUT PASS. Best spring skiing in history. UP 104, LO 96, SN 5.

BOULDER BASIN. UP 118, LO 110, SN 7.

PAYETTE LAKES. Will go another week.

BOGUS BASIN. Lift now runs Sundays only.

New Mexico: All areas but Taos closed.

TAOS. Lift areas will be open to May 15. After that skiers will tour higher elevations well into summer. Veteran skiers on hand from all sides of the country for last week's Senior Giant Slalom included Willy Schaeffler, Denver University ski coach; Otto Weber of New York's Alpine Ski Shop, Eastern Veteran champion; Steve Knowlton of Aspen; Bob Parker of Skiing. UP 185, LO 75, SN 27, CR 600.

Far West

California: All roads cleared and passable after last week's blizzard in the north. Snow holding up in the south. Knickers, straw hats and shirtsleeves dotted sun-warmed slopes all last week.

SUGAR BOWL. Skiing excellent. Disney lift and two ropes running. Gardner Smith took Far West downhill here last weekend. CR 1,200.

HEAVENLY VALLEY. Wonderful spring skiing. Will run weekends only until mid-June. CR 800.

SQUAW VALLEY. Main chair definitely out for the season, Poma lift runs until April 27. Workers starting to move into valley to start Olympic construction. Pile driver due here to set foundations for Olympic ice stadium.

DODGE RIDGE. LO 134, SN 4, CR 1,000.


MT. BALDY. Excellent. At the Notch, UP 98, LO 68, CR 1,000.

BIG BEAR. Spring skiing. UP 90, CR 1,000.

MAMMOTH MT. Skiing will go into July here. LO 216, UP 288, SN 108, CR 700.

CHINA PEAK. LO 140, SN 80, CR 300.

Nevada: RENO. Fine corn snow. Plan to run to April 27. CR 1,000.

Washington: MT. BAKER. Large late-season crowd quickly packed down week's snowfall. Skiing groups of four being conducted all over high country here at $2.50 a tour with avalanche-wise instructors doing the guiding.

WHITE PASS. Area closed last weekend with annual Ski-Kilbi festival. Plans for next year include a double chair lift and doubling width of all trails.

STEVENS PASS. Will operate to May 4 on weekends only. UP 126, LO 89, SN 9.

Oregon: Mt HOOD. Skiers took Sno-Cats to 9,000 feet to get three-mile run down to lodge. LO 263, SN 5, CR 900.

HOODOO. Good corn snow. LO 90, SN 4.

WILLAMETTE PASS. Closed after this weekend. LO 61, CR 100.