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11 Every Sixth Hit a Homer
The Coliseum's short left field line is making a travesty of baseball in Los Angeles. By Roy Terrell

14 Spectacle: Boating Boom Town
Newport Harbor, that is, southern California's nominee as the busiest boat haven in the U.S.

23 Grown Men Are Able to Read
Some editorial conclusions about last week's NCAA penalties for illegal recruiting

24 Yanks Make a Moscow Story
U.S.-Russian basketball as reported by a Soviet-style sportswriter

29 Big League Secrets: Part 4
Gil McDougald, a star at three different positions, tells how major league infielders operate

40 The Crew to Beat: Yale
Don Parker previews the college rowing season and introduces Yale Coach Jim Rathschmidt

52 The Jet Age Hits Powerboat Racing
Introducing—with exclusive illustrations—the jets Detroit and Seattle will build for tomorrow's races

58 Tempestuous Tarpon
The hard-nosed acrobats are among spring's bountiful joys. By Thomas H. Lineaweaver

70 Wallful of Plates
Photographed in color, a swatch of the nation's greatest license plate collection

72 Lonely, Loyal Horace Stoneham
A warm and revealing picture of the San Francisco Giants' well-liked owner by Robert Shaplen

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6 X-ray
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19 Events & Discoveries
24 Wonderful World
40 Rowing
48 Horse Racing
50 Nature
52 Boating
58 Fishing
62 Tip from the Top
64 Bonnie Prudden
66 Charles Goren
80 19th Hole
84 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 56

Cover: Gil McDougald

Part 4 of Big League Secrets concerns infielding. No player knows this complex art better than versatile Gil McDougald, who here starts a double play with a perfect layup throw.

Drawing by Robert Riger














Next week

•In a preview of the top snorting event of 1958, champion yachtsman Carleton Mitchell tells the inside story of the boats and men who will defend the America's Cup.

•The 84th Kentucky Derby—the race the nation has been waiting for—is caught in all its electric excitement in words by Whitney Tower and photographs by Hy Peskin.

•New stars will arise and old rivalries will be renewed during the outdoor track season now starting. A special preview tells whom and what to look for in a momentous year.