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Peggy Luckett Grebe

Over eight acres of Chicago's North Side, hard by the North Branch of the Chicago River, sprawls the Grebe boat yards. Here highly skilled craftsmen will build anything from a 19-foot runabout to a 150-foot, quarter-of-a-million-dollar yacht. Over this small nautical empire presides a woman, Peggy Grebe. Mrs. Grebe managed nothing more than her household until the death of her husband, Henry C. Grebe, who had made the yard his life's work. Then, against the counsel of friends, she refused to sell out and took over management. "The yard was all Henry and I talked about. I just knew I could do it."

Peggy Grebe was right. She has expanded the yard to handle the sale of small, round-bottomed sailing boats and provide storage for more than 250 owners. With Foreman Corey Olsen she directs the building of the beautifully crafted large yachts for which people come to her from all over the country. "Can you blame me," asks Mrs. Grebe, "for not wanting to get out of the picture?"