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18 Invasion of Rome
Olympic preparations are well in hand as the Eternal City looks to 1960 and the greatest of Games

29 Comes Now Mr. Frick With Plan
The Commissioner's scheme for 325-foot fences is a good one—just late

30 The Good Life of New Mexico
This enchanted land, photographed in color by Jerry Cooke, is a wonderful world of sport and beauty

37 Big League Secrets: Part 5
Richie Ashburn, 10-year veteran of the National League, discusses outfielding and base running

50 Up-and-down Cubbies and Cards
Roy Terrell reports on the sad case of the Cardinals, and the uppity Cubs are psychoanalyzed by a pitcher

58 What's Happened to Overalls?
An old, utilitarian garment takes on new fashion in the latest of Sporting Looks. By Jo Ahern Zill

70 How to Raise Right Tackles
Gerald Holland calls on the nation's No. 1 authority, Housewife Cathryn Pyle, who has two great ones

The departments

4 Scoreboard
6 X-ray
13 Fisherman's Calendar
14 Coming Events
25 Events & Discoveries
30 Wonderful World
50 Baseball
58 Sporting Look
60 Bowling
62 Travel
67 Tip from the Top
68 Charles Goren
69 Bonnie Prudden
79 19th Hole
84 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 80

Cover: Richie Ashburn

The Philadelphia star describes in this issue his out-fielding and base running techniques, concluding our series on Big League Secrets.

Drawings by Ed Vebell














Next week

•An Indianapolis "500" PREVIEW, with a report from the Speedway assessing cars and drivers; and the story of Tony Hulman, the modest millionaire who runs the race.

•As Herb Score rears back and throws his fast ball to a batter, John G. Zimmerman captures the Indians' pitching ace in action on the mound in four dramatic pages of color.

•On the eve of National Physical Fitness Week, a new progress report on fitness has news, encouraging and otherwise, about what has been accomplished since last August.