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Proper use of all clubs

I suggest using a club as the manufacturer designed it to be used. Each manufacturer has done a lot of research and spent a lot of money trying to make a set of clubs so that one swing will work for them all.

The average player wonders whether to play the ball off the right foot, from the center or off the left foot. The manufacturer has tried to solve this for the players who will let him. I think the top players line up the line of flight as they walk up to the ball. Then they square the bottom of the club they are using to the intended line of flight and adjust their stance to fit that club position. I believe this method will work for the average player as well as the scratch player.

The design of each club, the position in which it rests on the ground toward the intended line of flight, should help guide each player in his use of each club.

On all full shots, pictures may make it appear that the swing of a nine-iron is so much shorter than the swing for the woods. It only looks shorter because of the lie and the length of the clubs, as the illustration clearly shows. If a golfer can master the one sound swing that is best suited for him, it should suffice for all the clubs.

HARVEY PENICK, Austin, Texas



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