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To Photographer Jerry Cooke and his restless color camera, New Mexico in the languid season when spring turns to summer seemed to offer a unique variety of sporting scenes. A sports car rally was tinged with pioneer adventure, the little cars snaking along desert highways like U.S. 85 (above) beneath the great brown bluffs near Albuquerque. Fishermen delicately touched their flies to tumbling streams that flowed from mountain heights to arid deserts. On greening links golfers and bowmen found joint pleasure in a fascinating new game that matched arrows against balls. Horsemen charged their ponies like Indians in their own special brand of polo. They were scenes by turns exultant and serene, in a land with a wilderness and beauty all its own.

Rolling Rio Grande in its upper reaches near Dixon is a fine, small fishing stream tumbling down from mountains.

Bowmen match their skill against golfers in game of golf-archery on Los Alamos Club fairway. Target is paper ball.

Four horsemen in Santa Fe charge in practice session of palmetto polo, favorite New Mexico version of the game.

Mrs. Dorothy Glidden, whose late husband, Writer Peter Dawson, established this Jacona Valley home 20 years ago, relaxes peacefully in the gentle spring sun.