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A Breezy, Sportive Island in the Sun

Half the fun of getting there by sea is the delightful, expanding world of shipboard sports

Not so very long ago, a transocean crossing on even the largest steamships was little more than an enforced interlude of rest which could be spiced with shuffleboard, deck tennis and cards. Today a transatlantic voyage aboard a modern ocean liner is an interlude so glamorous, so packed with happy things to do, that even a seasoned traveler like Photographer Jerry Cooke, who thought he would get a rest from picture-taking while on the high seas, reached for his camera almost as soon as he was aboard.

For on such a liner, the once-routine voyage has become a cruise. There is not only shuffleboard, there is trapshooting, badminton, golf practice, a full line of gymnasium sports and swimming in three pools—to say nothing of table tennis, deck tennis, horseshoe pitching and a variety of parlor games. Instead of simply traveling to his destination, the voyager finds himself touching at intermediate ports of call like Lisbon, Naples or Marseilles, with time enough to get ashore and do some short-time touring. The result is that more people than ever before in history are finding pleasure on the high seas—last year a record 1,032,000 passengers crossed the Atlantic, to or from Europe. Some of the many things they found to enjoy—shown on the opposite and following pages—Cooke photographed on his crossing aboard the Italian Line's Cristoforo Colombo, a voyage which proved so delightful that it is small wonder that even a carrier pigeon recently hitchhiked his way over. His name was Snapper, and he knew what he wanted.

Princess Gabriella Pacelli, niece of Pope Pius XII, and daughter Ursula air pet cocker.

Snaring ring in energetic deck tennis doubles, enthusiast Madina Ricordi opposes Marina Biaggi (left) and Carolyn Spruiell of Texas.

Slippery slide on first class deck provides fun for the active while the restfully inclined bask in warming sun.

Seagoing game of shuffleboard, long familiar to voyagers, entertains gaily dressed girls in shadow of lifeboat.

Clay pigeons sail seaward for Madina Ricordi of Milan as deck steward handles trap.

Tropic tan is cultivated by Georgiana Liccione, ballet student of Mount Vernon, N.Y.

Beach club afloat is enjoyed by relaxed passengers aboard the Italian Line's "Cristoforo Colombo" as it glides through white-capped Mediterranean Sea bound for Genoa.