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12 First Sail Aboard the 'Sceptre'
Exclusive performance report on Britain's America's Cup challenger by Yachtsman Carleton Mitchell

18 Spectacle: Sports on Shipboard
Photographer Jerry Cooke captures in color the breezy, sportive world of mid-ocean deck games

27 Rabbits Should Run All the Way
Editorial reflections prompted by the recent spate of pace-set record miles

28 Horsy Set, U.S.S.R.
Flat racing, top hats, the troika crowd and kissing games, as Khrushchev & Co. look on

30 'Baseball Is for the Birds'
A short testimonial, with pictures, from admirers of prep-school crew

44 Inside Prairie Dog Town
Lubbock's romping rodents put on a dazzling show for a million visitors a year. Report by John O'Reilly

60 Part II: Hoosier Pied Piper
Robert Shaplen completes his introduction of successful Indianapolis Speedway owner Tony Hulman

The departments

4 Scoreboard
6 X-ray
7 Fisherman's Calendar
10 Coming Events
23 Events & Discoveries
28 Wonderful World
34 Baseball
44 Nature
48 Boxing
50 Food
55 Charles Goren
56 Golf
59 Tip from the Top
67 19th Hole
72 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 7

Cover: Ed Mathews

The handsome Ed Mathews was once baseball's glamour boy with a wild streak. Now matured and the father of two, he is regarded as the best third baseman in the world.

Photograph by Richard Meek














Next week

•Dick Mayer will defend his U.S. Open title June 12-14, against an entry of record size. Herbert Warren Wind previews the elements that make it a true championship test.

•Liz Lunn, the famous and flamboyant queen of the American turf, discusses her life, her times and her horses in the lively drawing room at Llangollen Farm in Virginia.

•A look at the winners of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED's third annual American Sportswear Design Awards—to be elected and announced by a panel of 600 U.S. fashion authorities.