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Old Hat at Old Nassau

For the past 20 years the nation's haberdashers have deplored in vain the fact that the only thing a college man would put on his head was the wax that kept his crew cut bristling. This spring, however, at pace-setting Princeton, in one of those man-bites-dog reverses that seem to-spark most college fads, the entire campus has broken out in a rash of hats, from the traditional skimmer to madras-trimmed coconut straws. Along with the hat revival come two other favorites of the 1930s—the beer jacket and the white duck trousers.

Coconut straw, banded in madras, and ducks are worn by Ivy Club's Dick Ford.

Raffia tyrolean hat, sported by Douglas Levick, has a jaunty straw "broom." Doug is an All-America lacrosse player.

Coconut straw has an unusual band of batik, high in front, tied in back. It is worn here by Kevin Maloy of Rochester.

Soft tweed hat, like the one made famous by Rex Harrison in My Fair Lady, is worn by Rugby Captain Paul Hicks.

New skimmer has flexible brim, wide candy-striped band. Neil Chrisman, rew captain, wears it with crew-neck sweater.

Jungle palm tyrolean, shaped like Sugarloaf, has cord band. Ray Empson of Dallas, who wears it, is on track team.

Center-Crease coconut is as omnipresent as beer at Princeton's spring house-parties and Saturday afternoon matches.


Two more signs of spring at Princeton are the beer jacket—actually an unbleached cotton work jacket—and the white duck trousers, both worn, as pictured here, with white sneakers and white crew socks.

Beer jacket is washed but never ironed. Stenciled on the right shoulder are class, a drinking cartoon and the owner's name.

White ducks, worn with sweaters, jackets and blazers, have replaced gray flannels and khakis in Princetonian favor.