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18 The Fatal Gamble
Ed Elisian's move in the first lap of the Indianapolis "500" smashed 13 cars, killed Pat O'Connor

20 Grand Reunion of the 4-minute Club
A quorum of 4-minute milers meet in two races in the West which may produce a new record

22 Spectacle: Racing at Laguna Seca
Sports car action in dramatic color in a setting of great beauty on the Monterey Peninsula

31 Lessons of Indianapolis
Racing sportsmen, as well as mankind in general, can continue to learn by their errors

34 How to Land Like a Goose
Unposed, unrehearsed but aeronautically perfect, a honker lets its flaps down

36 Designing Women
For the first time, three talented ladies share Sports Illustrated's annual Sportswear Design Awards

40 Golf's Toughest Tournament
Herbert Warren Wind analyzes the elements that make the U.S. Open a thrilling, exacting event

64 Born to Trot
The capitol of the trotting world, Hanover Shoe Farms, portrayed in words and pictures

70 Conversation Piece: Lady Liz
Amazing, controversial Liz Lunn, sportswoman, talks with Whitney Tower about her first love—horses

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11 Scoreboard
16 Coming Events
27 Events & Discoveries
32 Wonderful World
50 Tip from the Top
52 Horse Racing
56 Baseball
61 Boxing
62 Charles Goren
64 Trotting
85 19th Hole
88 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 85

Cover: Dick Mayer

Blond Dick Mayer, who came out of relative obscurity to win the 1957 U.S. Open, will have to beat a tough course and a talented field if he is to retain his title next week.

Photograph by John G. Zimmerman














Next week

•Despite an ailing leg, Lew Hoad will try to upset Pancho Gonzales in the Forest Hills pro tournament. Marvin Newman's color camera captures the two stars in action.

•A look at the San Francisco Giants, the team that made baseball's move to the West Coast a success and is the big news in a season which has been otherwise slow to excite.

•In Georgie's Roaring River, Joel Sayre introduces the world's most dangerous river—the Colorado—and the remarkable woman—Georgie White-who has conquered it.