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'Give me the kids on the sidelines'

Few communities have been able to get down to the brass tacks of starting a fitness program for their young people. The reason: it takes the consistent enthusiasm and practiced skills of a dedicated man to get things started. Jamestown, N.Y. is among the communities fortunate to discover it had such a man.

Tage Klinga, a recent Swedish immigrant accustomed to his country's energetic approach to the fitness-for-all ideal, became thoroughly distressed at the number of children left on the sidelines because they could not make a school team. So Klinga, who has a happy bent for creating enthusiasm for his ideas, asked permission of school aides to teach a group of 40 boys and girls the rudiments of Swedish gymnastics. The experiment turned out a resounding success. Klinga's gymnastics program has spread to all four local schools and to two neighboring communities. Jamestown's parents are impressed and children (as Pat Harvey, above) love it: their exhibitions draw basketball-game-size crowds. Today no Jamestown child has to be a sideliner.