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Lightweight in the suburbs

The best new collection ever of summerweight sport jackets and slacks is available this year. As shown here on these pages, in the delightful climate of San Francisco, across the Golden Gate in suburban Sausalito and Belvedere, they go from boat dock to golf course, from Friday cocktails to Sunday cookout without weight or wrinkle. The big news is in the lightness of the jackets, which are not wash-and-wear like the slacks that go with them but are of fabrics such as challis, silk, Viyella, cotton and the new Shetland shown in color on the opposite page. It weighs only eight ounces per yard. The wash-and-wear flannel slacks ($17.50, Brooks Brothers) are of 80% Orion, 20% cotton, a blend as carefree as summer.

Giant Madras plaid jacket ($85, M. Sigel) is of breeze-weight eight-ounce Shetland. Scott Baxter, with wife Pru, wears it while watching a Sunday regatta on Belvedere's own backyard lagoon.

Necktie Challis from England ($55, Chipp) tailors into a six-ounce-to-the-yard, triple-stripe burgundy blazer. Dennis Dunn of Sausalito combines it with raffia hat (Dobbs) for trip to the golf course.

Plaid cotton ($55, Brooks) and striped Viyella ($60, MacCluer) are steak-party attire of John King (left), Ewing Philbin, with Mrs. Philbin and Ann Lyon (seated).

Hopsacking blazer, double-breasted, with Bemberg fleur-de-lis lining, is nine-ounce wool, comes in dubonnet, navy, black. Bill Jones sports it for flight to Lake Tahoe.

Indian silk jacket ($70), Italian silk trousers ($35, both Hilton) are worn by John King at Sausalito's Bank of America. Petit point hatband has golf motif ($15, Chipp).

Scotch worsted jacket ($85, Brooks) weighs 22 ounces all told. Scott Baxter picks it for a Sunday gin fizz breakfast at Sausalito's Alta Mira hotel terrace.

Tussah silk dinner jacket ($55) is in natural shade. Bill Chapin wears it with natural-color shirt which has pleated silk bosom, batiste body ($17.50, both Chipp).