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'I love California; I love it all'

The most happy fella at the U. of Southern California would seem to be this young man taking a breather under a campus sycamore. It is his background that gives special meaning to the sentiment quoted.

Martin is one of the Hungarian Olympians who in Melbourne made the difficult decision to seek asylum in the United States. Playing on the Hungarian water-polo team which gave the Russians such a memorable aquatic battle he was a man with a guaranteed future in his homeland.

Once in America Martin set about his new life with energy and intelligence. After a countrywide tour with his teammates Nick, as he is known, registered at Southern Cal for a slew of difficult courses (political science, zoology, English and French literature). Despite the language barrier and competitive water polo, he carried them off with distinction (mostly As, a few Bs). Nick seems certain to graduate with honors and eventually fulfill his hopes of teaching French at an American college.