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16 The Moment of Record
Track stars set two world marks in the NCAA tune-up for the AAU Moscow trials this weekend

20 Color and Emotion of Le Mans
Night-and-day drama of the famed road race, recorded in watercolors by a German artist

29 Baseball's Organization Men
A firing-hiring in Detroit last week underlined the vogue of the faceless manager

32 Who's Watching What?
Depends where you were. Smart assembly spots were New London, Washington, Tulsa

34 Bolt Upright
The once short-tempered Tommy, thoroughly reformed, won the U.S. Open in Hogan style

36 All-Star Who Can Do Without Glory
Almost unnoticed in the shadow of Ted Williams, Jackie Jensen has finally reached the top himself

54 One Man's Hunting Home
Fox Hunter Harvey Ladew's Maryland estate, a lovely blend of sport and art, is pictured in color

58 Richest and Biggest
Alice Higgins discovers a nickel goes far at a Texas horse show if you have $20,000 to go with it

66 Part II: Georgie's Roaring River
A gallery of characters and cataracts concludes Joel Sayre's account of the Colorado River queen

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30 Wonderful World
44 Boxing
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52 Charles Goren
58 Horse Shows
60 Boating
73 19th Hole
76 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 14

Cover: Jackie Jensen

One of the most underrated players in the major leagues is steady, dependable Jackie Jensen of the Red Sox, an athlete who has a longing for home instead of headlines.

Photograph by Richard Meek














Next week

•In mixed doubles, should a husband poach on his wife's territory? What to do about it? Bill and Nancy Talbert tell how to enjoy the game more, and play better, too.

•Ezra Bowen, aboard the aluminum yawl Dyna, reports on the 21st biennial Bermuda race, the largest ever, which began under clear skies and a lashing 40-mile-an-hour wind.

•A preview of the richest harness race in history—the $150,000 Messenger Stake at New York's elegant Roosevelt Raceway on July 4—with a profile of the likely winner.