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One Man's Hunting Home

In the Maryland hunt country near Monkton a fox-chasing enthusiast named Harvey S. Ladew has blended hobbies into a showplace

Window decorated with hunting themes is one of four Ladew got from England.

Topiary gardens (left) Ladew planned and planted are among finest in country.

Hounds fashioned of Japanese yew give illusion of pack in full cry crossing lawn.

Original 19th century farmhouse, renovated by Ladew, houses part of rare bicycle collection.

Sweeping view from rear of house shows lush summer field where hunters browse in bluegrass.

Ornate shrubbery trimmed to represent pheasants, stairs and walls was first carefully planned out by Ladew in small plasticene models.

It is a rare and happy thing when a man's passions for sport, collecting and gardening happen to coincide as they did with Harvey Ladew. Because he was interested in fox hunting he visited the clubs of many countries, and while there was able to search for the unusual furnishings, such as the horse-shaped spur rack below, that embellish his home—a home Ladew had purchased because it was in Maryland's hunt country. Not content with adorning the interior with rare objects, he built the elaborate gardens shown here.

Collector and gardener Ladew contemplates effects of his efforts. The farm originally had one lilac bush.