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12 Fabulous 'Finisterre' Again
The little yawl with the broad beam defies 100-to-1 odds to take her second Bermuda Race in a row

14 Spectacle: Pursuit at Pamplona
Amidst the pageantry of the fair, young blades scramble for their lives during the running of the bulls

23 The World's Oldest 19th Hole
That's the Royal Blackheath, an association of golfing claret drinkers 350 years old

26 The Black and White of Ascot
Those were the hues—straight from My Fair Lady—on Gold Cup Day

28 Coining Gold in the Cellar
The Los Angeles Dodgers may be in last place, but the fans keep coming and the profits mount

37 The Human Science of Mixed Doubles
Wise—and illustrated—advice from Bill Talbert, four-time national champion

50 The Pleasures of the Picnic
For alfresco appetites, three delicious spreads reflecting the chivalry and romance of bygone days

54 The Battle of the Hams
CBS-TV Star Bill Leonard reports on amateur radio and one of the most grueling competitions in sport

62 The Everywhere Marshal
Young John Hay was enough trouble for several summer camps, ex-Counselor Paul Mandel recalls fondly

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6 Scoreboard
8 X-ray
9 Fisherman's Calendar
10 Coming Events
19 Events & Discoveries
24 Wonderful World
43 Boxing
44 Tip from the Top
45 Charles Goren
46 Track
48 Trotting
65 19th Hole
68 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgements on page 9

Cover: Mixed doubles

On pages 37 to 42 Bill Talbert, whose book (The Game of Doubles in Tennis) is the best on the subject, tells how to get as much fun from mixed doubles as he and his wife do.

Illustration by Ed Vebell














Next week

•Faces will replace these question marks on our next week's cover: four top players from each league, the winners in the players' own vote for the All-Star starting lineups.

•Soccer is the biggest international sport, and this weekend the 51-nation World Cup reaches its climax. Watch for vivid pictures with a cabled report from John Mulliken.

•Virginia Kraft visits and reports on the TVA area which, 25 years after its controversial birth, has no rival in the whole world as a man-made recreational paradise.