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10 Brazil on Top of the World
Mixing art with soccer, Brazil becomes the first Latin team to win World Soccer Cup in Europe

14 An Election by Peers
The new system of All-Star selection—by the pros themselves—resulted in a bang-up job

26 Tommy Bolt—a Recommendation
Tommy is tired and the public is tired; a year's rustication is in order

28 Spectacle: Midwest Midsummer
An intimate portrait in color of the U.S. heartland, where corn and sport flourish side by side

34 Franks for the Fourth
Here are new ways to cook the nostalgic and legendary hot dog, this country's holiday favorite

36 Hail, Mickey Wright
She won the Women's Open while the men were pushing on from Tulsa to new fields of their own

40 A Double Escape Route
Charles Goren discourses on a grand slam call in a suit in which you hold a singleton

46 TVA: A Man-made Paradise
For the vacation-bound, Virginia Kraft conducts a tour of the lovely waters of the tamed Tennessee

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7 Fisherman's Calendar
7 X-ray
8 Scoreboard
16 Wonderful World
22 Events & Discoveries
36 Golf
40 Charles Goren
42 Boxing
58 19th Hole
60 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 58

Cover: All-Stars

The major league players themselves did the voting for this year's All-Star teams, and on the cover are the four top vote-getters from each league. Stan Musial had most of all.














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