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10 Americans Get an Even Break
Our touring athletes won and lost in widely scattered European arenas last week

14 Spectacle: Oasis in Paris
A color essay shows Parisians escaping the heat of politics at lovely Deligny swimming pool

23 The Silly Season Puts to Sea
Wonder where the flagpole-sitters went? They are working up new wonders a float

28 Waikiki Water Baby
Or how to start your youngster swimming at the ripe old age of 5 months

35 Training the Puppy
The ways of integrating a puppy into family life are shown in text and drawings

51 Beware of the Bears
Friendly as they seem, bears in our national parks are still wild and dangerous animals

52 Midseason Report
For the baseball buff, Robert Creamer and Les Woodcock analyze the season to date

57 A Trout for Jay
Famed Author Erskine Caldwell initiates his son into the wonders of trout angling

The departments

4 Coming Events
7 Scoreboard
9 Fisherman's Calendar
19 Events & Discoveries
30 Boxing
42 Boating
44 Bonnie Prudden
45 Horse Show
46 Charles Goren
48 Sport in Art
51 Nature
52 Baseball
55 Tip from the Top
61 19th Hole
64 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 9

Cover: Patricia Meistrell and friend

How to transform the new puppy from demon to delight—and how to enjoy doing it—is explained step by step in text and drawings. The first of two parts begins on page 35.

Drawing by Daniel Schwartz














Next week

•This towheaded 14-year-old is Swimmer Chris Von Saltza, whose shapely form is already cutting quite a swath through U.S. records. Richard Pollard examines her winning ways.

•Four pages of sparkling color showing those sprightly, fun-but-wet surfboards with sails—the Sailfish—as they skim like many-colored leaves down a choppy Wisconsin lake.

•Remember canasta? Well, if you don't, Charles Goren will refresh your memory and also present joker canasta, which is an exciting and jazzed-up version of the original game.