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SWORDFISH: LONG ISLAND: Most exciting blue-water news in years is heavy run of broadbill under way from New Jersey to Martha's Vineyard, Mass. and now concentrated 10 to 15 miles south of Shinnecock Inlet. Customarily diffident swordfish striking baits with unprecedented enthusiasm, and in past two weeks 11 broadbill to 400 pounds taken on rod and reel have been weighed in at Mickey Altenkirch's dock in Shinnecock Canal; FVG/OVG for coming weeks.

TROUT: CALIFORNIA: FG generally in Sierra as last week Grant Lake awarded an 11-pound brown to C. E. Kennedy of Bishop who used fly tackle. Fire hazard has led to closing of many low-elevation areas, but more lofty waters, such as Sacramento River near Redding, productive.

OREGON: Crane Prairie Reservoir offering fine catches of brook trout to 16 inches at mouth of Cultus Creek. Large browns being hooked in Wickiup. Mouth of Davis Creek harboring rainbows to 8 pounds and browns to 15. Little Deschutes River and Crescent Creek H but falling and should be prime for fly fishing.

BLUE MARLIN: BAHAMAS: In five days' fishing last week Bimini anglers boated 13 blue marlin. Bimini Big Game Fishing Club blue marlin tournament won by club's new commodore, Robert L. Richardson of Charleston, W. Va., with 411-pound marlin taken on 24-thread. Fattest marlin of five-day furor, 605 pounds, boated by nontournament angler Mel Borne of Miami; OVG.

NEW JERSEY: Blue marlin showing SSE of Barnegat and south to Five Fathom Lightship. Last week William St. John of Saddle River fought estimated 300-pound marlin for two hours when it lost patience and drove its bill through bow of boat. Marlin also lost bill and St. John lost marlin.

BLUEFISH: MISSISSIPPI: FVG for blues to two pounds all along coast with Biloxi area particularly active.

NORTH CAROLINA: Ponderous bluefish still cruising Wimble Shoals off Oregon Inlet where last weekend Bruce Catton, Pulitzer Prize Civil War historian and editor of American Heritage, did battle with several 12-pound aggressors and won.

C—water clear
N—water normal height
H—water high
L—water low
R—water roily
WT50—water 50°
FG—fishing good
FF—fishing fair
FP—fishing poor
OVG—outlook very good
OG—outlook good
OP—outlook poor