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12 Diary of a Ballplayer
An uninhibited glimpse into the world of a major league ballplayer as revealed by his own journal

16 Spectacle: the Sailing Sailfish
A burst of color by Photographer Richard Meek shows the sailing surfboards in racing form

32 'I Like to Beat 'Em'
Richard Pollard paints a vivid portrait of a young girl in a watery and exhausting world

36 Training the Puppy: Part II
Text and drawings explain how to put the finishing disciplinary touch on the juvenile canine

46 Campy Fights the Odds
Paralyzed in an auto accident last January, Roy Campanella is determined not to give up

52 Red-coated Ringmaster
A portrait of Clarence Craven, who ringmasters horse shows with aplomb and a golden horn

54 Putting a Bang in the Game
For those who prefer their card games wild, Charles Goren presents the latest—joker canasta

58 Climbing by the Book
President Wilson's grandson learns mountaineering from books and tackles North America's highest peak

The departments

5 X-ray
6 Scoreboard
8 Fisherman's Calendar
11 Coming Events
21 Events & Discoveries
26 Wonderful World
44 On and Off the Fairways
45 Horse Racing
46 Baseball
48 Boxing
54 Charles Goren
66 19th Hole
68 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 8

Cover: Chris von Saltza

The blonde young lady swimming out at you on this week's cover is 14-year-old Chris von Saltza, America's main hope for swimming honors at the 1960 Rome Olympic Games.

Photograph by Fred Lyon














Next week

•In the space of one short season burly Frank Thomas has escaped near anonymity to become the No. 1 slugger of the National League. Roy Terrell tells what happened.

•Four pages of sun-splashed color with text by footloose Horace Sutton take you to Costa Brava, beautiful playground on Spain's south coast that few Americans know.

•Whatever did happen to the prediction that California would produce the best race horses? Will Rex Ellsworth become our top breeder? The answers by Whitney Tower.