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MUSKELLUNGE: WISCONSIN: FVG in Indian Head area of northern state where the "Big Chip" (Chippewa River) along with Round Ghost, Spider and Couderay lakes are offering muskie over 30 pounds and OVG.

MINNESOTA: Leech Lake muskies shaking of summer lethargy and snapping lures. A 43-pounder was top trophy last week and OG.

MICHIGAN: Muskie FP all areas.

BLUEFIN TUNA: NOVA SCOTIA: Wedgeport, site of International Tuna Cup Match and in recent years somewhat fishless, reports Soldier's Rip frothing with giant tuna. Anglers hopeful that fish will be in striking mood.

TROUT: IDAHO: Bright spot is famous Silver Creek, L and C but rich with 6- to 7-pound trout. Fish rising in early morning and taking well presented #16 McGintys; FVG.

ATLANTIC SALMON: NOVA SCOTIA: FVG all popular rivers with more than 3,000 salmon grassed to date.

PACIFIC SALMON: WASHINGTON: Emergency restrictions on sport fishing promulgated last week by Fisheries Director Milo Moore to combat what he termed "alarming decline" in salmon populations. From mouth of Columbia River north to Strait of Juan de Fuca and east to Tongue Point near Port Angeles limit now three salmon of 20 or more inches. In Puget Sound new limit three salmon of 16 or more inches. Drastic regulations halve old limits.

SWORDFISH: LONG ISLAND: Historic run still under way in Montauk-Shinnecock area. One day last week, for example, Captain Bill Holzman of private boat Helen H. (see page 4) baited four broadbill off Shinnecock and had all four strike; OVG indefinitely.

CALIFORNIA: Three swordfish weighed in during past week by Balboa Angling Club sportsmen may be sign that California swordfishing, long in doldrums, is perking up.


MASSACHUSETTS: Cuttyhunkers doing well at night, but with cooler weather best is ahead.

C—water clear
N—water normal height
H—water high
L—water low
R—water roily
WT50—water 50°
FG—fishing good
FF—fishing fair
FP—fishing poor
OVG—outlook very good
OG—outlook good