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faces in the crowd...

Dow Finsterwald,28, golf's most consistent runner-up, pulled himself together to win PGAchampionship, his first victory in 31 months. Third-highest money winner lastyear, Finsterwald added $5,500 to kitty.

Dorothy Knode,34, despite pulled tendon in her playing arm and a second-set reversal by KarolFageros, managed to win the national clay court singles title in suburbanChicago for an unprecedented third time.

Bob Clotworthy,27, three-meter springboard diving champion at 1956 Olympics, was namedswimming coach at Princeton, left job as freshman swimming coach at Ivy Leaguerival, Dartmouth.

Charley Gaul,26-year-old citizen of Luxembourg, initiated spectacular comeback four days outfrom finish, won world's greatest bicycle endurance test, 24-day, 2,600-mileTour de France (see page 16).

Greta Andersen,30, became first woman to finish enervating Atlantic City marathon swim forthird year in row and, while loser to Tom Park, collected $2,300 for long haulthrough 59° ocean bay waters.

Stanley Bishop,look-alike to Vim's John Matthews, was put aboard Britain's cup challengerSceptre in place of Skipper Jim Slorance, as Royal Yacht Squadron prepared toship Sceptre across seas to U.S.

Homer ClarkWads-Worth, head of Kansas City betterment association, was made chairman ofPresident's Advisory Committee on Fitness of American Youth, said work"must be done and done well."