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'I'd like to win something big'

For Pittsburgh's Iris Kimball, time is something to be spent in one of two ways. In winter she teaches school to third-graders in New Rochelle, N.Y. In summer she goes to school at Baldoc Hills Country Club in Irwin, Pa., and the subject she studies is golf. To her pupils she is a popular marm. To other women golfers, she is somebody to be reckoned with.

Iris took up golf when she was 16 (that was nine years ago), and within months was holding her own in the 80s. Last year she was runner-up in the amateur division of the Ladies' PGA tournament in Pittsburgh, and this year she was fourth. She hopes her current six-to eight-hour daily workouts at Baldoc Hills will serve her in good stead when she tees off in her first U.S. Women's Amateur in Darien, Conn. this August.

One of her coaches has credited Iris with professional ability. But she has no professional ambitions: "I'll keep on teaching," says Iris. "I love golf and I play to win. But I'll stick to the amateur game, thank you."