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'We play that they may learn'

On Saturday, August 23 Ruly Carpenter and Pat Williams will take time off from playing semiprofessional baseball and trot out into the hot sun of the University of Delaware stadium to participate in the third All-Star Football Game. In the stands will be fathers Bob Carpenter, owner of the Philadelphia Phillies, and Jim Williams, insurance man, who have organized this annual event for the benefit of the Delaware Foundation for Retarded Children.

The game is a north-south contest between the best players from all schools in the state. Both boys played on the Tower Hill School's undefeated teams of '56 and '57, and both are outstanding performers in other sports. Ruly opened the 1958 baseball season by pitching two successive no-hitters (SCOREBOARD, April 28) which were caught by Pat.

The fathers, too, have much to share. Both men played varsity football—Carpenter at Duke and Williams at North Carolina—and each has a retarded child. To them the game's slogan, "We play that they may learn," has a special meaning.