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The nation's leading races and regattas through November 1


17-23 World Star Class Championship, San Diego.
18-23 International 110 World Championships, Larchmont, N.Y.
18-24 Thistle Nationals, Fairhope, Ala.
21-24 National Stock Outboard Championships, APBA, Miami.
22-24 Ensenada Predicted Log Race, powerboat, San Diego.
23-24 Silver Cup, Unlimited, APBA, Detroit.
24 Chicago Daily News Regalia, Chicago.
25 Retired Skippers Race, Blue Hill Bay, Me.
25-28 Adams Cup, Women's National Championship, Luders 16, Chicago.
25-29 North American Six-Meter Championships, Globe and Mail trophy, Victoria, B.C.
26-28 Raven Nationals, Noroton, Conn.
26-29 Sears Cup, Junior Nationals, Flatties, Vancouver, B.C.
29-30 Windjammers, San Francisco to Santa Cruz Race, Santa Cruz, Calif.
29-Sept. 1 Tri-State Race, Lake Michigan, Chicago.
30 Stamford Vineyard Race, Long Island Sound.
30-31 Duke of York Trophy, Inboard, APBA, Huntsville, Ont.
30-Sept. 1 Labor Day Regatta, Newport Beach, Calif.
30-Sept. 1 Fleet Cruise, San Diego to Mission Bay, Calif.


1-13 America's Cup final selection trials, 12 meters, Newport, R.I.
3-6 International Lightning Class Championship and Presidents' Cup, Beach Haven, N.J.
5 Catalina Island Race, Ahmanson Trophy, Newport Beach, Calif.
6-7 Jet 14 Nationals, Mansfield, Ohio.
6-7 National Championships, Unlimited, Inboard, APBA, Buffalo.
6-7 PC-Rhodes Catalina Island Race, Newport Bench, Calif.
7 Manhattan Marathon, Stock, Out board, APBA, New York.
8-13 North American Star Class championship, Oxford, Md.
13-14 Hat Island race, Tri-Island Series, Seattle.
13-14 E Racing Runabout and Cracker Box Nationals, APBA, Newport Beach, Calif.
13-14 North American Firefly Championships, Winthrop, Mass.
15-18 Mallory Cup, Men's North American Championship, 210s, Rye, N.Y.
19-21 Todos Santos Island Race, Rumsey Series, San Diego.
20 America's Cup, Challenge Match begins, Newport, R.I.
20-21 President's Cup, Unlimited, Inboard, APBA, Washington, D.C.
21 APBA Stock Outboard Marathon, Trenton, Mich.
27 Santa Barbara Island Race, Whitney Trophy, Los Angeles.
28 APBA Stock Outboard Marathon, Needles, Calif.
30 Scandinavian Gold Cup, 5.5 meter, Galveston Bay, Kemah, Texas.


4-5 Fall Regatta, Newport Harbor, Calif.
4-5 Governor's Cup, Unlimited, APBA, Madison, Ind.
4-5 280 National Championship and Mile Trials, APBA, Elizabeth City, N.C.
6-10 United States 5.5-meter Championship, Galveston Bay, Texas.
12-14 Giovanelli Cup, 5.5 meter, Galveston Bay, Kemah, Texas.
15-16 Sahara Cup, Unlimited, APBA, Lake Mead, Nev.
27-Nov. 1 Western Hemisphere Snipe Championship, Montagu Bay, Nassau, Bahamas.