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The special scramble of a close play at the home plate is caught in brilliant oils by Edmond Kohn, California painter and baseball fan

Los Angeles is not only the adopted home of the Dodgers but of Artist Edmond Kohn as well. And besides a new home town, Kohn shares with the erstwhile Bums of Brooklyn the nostalgic glory of once playing ball in Ebbets Field as a member of a high school team. Memory and artistry thus blend in Kohn's painting The Late Throw, now in the collection of actor Edmond O'Brien, as is The Long Ball Hitter, which was reproduced in SPORTS ILLUSTRATED last year (April 15, '57). With all due respect to the great Roy Campanella, the painting, which Kohn finished in Campy's heyday, was not meant to represent any specific team or players but rather the timeless drama at the plate during any visitor vs. home town game.

Kohn's oils, done mainly on Masonite, have been included in representative shows throughout the country, and although he is sometimes called a modern romantic, his style in general escapes the usual labels. Now he divides his time, for the moment in unequal proportions, among teaching, painting and the ball park. "I've always loved baseball," Kohn says, "and now with the Dodgers here I practically camp on their doorstep."