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12 A Fight That Changed Two Faces
Roy Harris' handsome face was left cut and bleeding, and boxing's economic face was irrevocably altered

18 The Coronation of Queen Anne
A sweet-swinging Stanford golfing coed (brunette) wins the National Women's Amateur

20 Monster Roundup Out West
The annual meet of the National Hot Rod Association is drawing the darndest contraptions ever

26 Big League Balance Sheet
As of August 22 the figures show that baseball owners have a lot to worry about

31 Which Boat Will It Be?
Carleton Mitchell assesses Vim, Columbia—and Weatherly—in the wake of the trials

34 Endless Fascination of Water
W. Eugene Smith, whose camera has a poet's eye, records some pleasant summer antics

38 Preview: The Hunting Season
In color, an adventure in the newest state, Alaska, plus a directory for all the 49 states and Canada

48 California Awaits the Amateur
A preview of the U.S. Amateur championship to be held at the Olympic Club in San Francisco

58 Fifty Years of Love and Tennis
An unusual and happy reminiscence by the father of radio news, H. V. Kaltenborn, and his wife, O. K.

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7 Scoreboard
9 X-ray
10 Coming Events
18 Wonderful World
22 Events & Discoveries
47 Charles Goren
48 Golf
53 Horse Racing
55 Baseball
56 Bonnie Prudden
57 Tennis
65 19th Hole
68 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 65

Cover: Patterson and Harris

When Floyd Patterson met Roy Harris in the ring in Los Angeles, Hy Peskin, the ubiquitous sports photographer, was on hand with a fast lens and color film. The result was this cover picture, which was rushed to the engraver in Chicago, and established a new production record for four-color in SPORTS ILLUSTRATED.

Photograph by Hy Peskin














Next week

•A journey in color pictures to the Miramichi, the fabled salmon river of New Brunswick, Canada, where in September the run of this great game fish reaches its climax.

•From San Francisco a report on the five-game series between the Giants and the Braves—which may decide the National League race or throw it into a new deadlock.

•After a summer of dramatic golf, Herbert Warren Wind reviews the Women's Amateur Championship and the fine British performance in the Curtis Cup matches.