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focus on the deed...

Best in majors, Cubs' Ernie Banks heads for first as his 40th homer sails into the seats at Chicago. Two days later, he hit No. 41.

Best in east, unbeaten 2-year-old First Landing, Arcaro up, shows his hoofs to First Minister (right) in Hopeful Stakes (see above).

Best in Williamsport, Mexican Little Leaguers' Andres Galvan (left) and Hugo Lozano get hug from Sponsor R. E. Gingrich.

Uninhibited Tiger Al Kaline, using rail for leverage, leaps high in air to rob Mickey Mantle of homer, but Yanks won 3-2 at New York.

Uninhibited Ram Ron Waller's 20-yard jaunt is halted by Giant Jim Patton despite helping hand by Bob Fry (75) at Los Angeles.