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The short pitch

Pitch shots from 10 to 50 yards out are easier to execute if you play the ball center left instead of off the right foot. Most beginners, when attempting to play this shot from the right foot, will invariably keep their weight back on the right side throughout the stroke, flapping their hands up at the ball instead of hitting through the ball.

I tell beginners to lean laterally against the left foot when they address a pitch shot. Then they will be in a hitting position right from the start. They should stay in that position, rather than attempt to move their weight to the right and then back to the left leg during the swing for, as we all realize, very little body action is used on a pitch shot.

The main thing to work for on the pitch is keeping the club face square as long as you can as you whip it through the ball. I find it helps many of my pupils if they alter their grip a little so that the V of the left-hand grip points to the chin rather than to the right shoulder, as is orthodox on the full swing. In any event, when you are practicing your short pitches, work on swinging the club face straight through the ball for at least-seven or eight inches past impact. That's the action you want.

WALLY GRANT, Mt. Lebanon Golf Club, Pittsburgh






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