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10 Braves at the Wire
Hy Peskin photographs the hard-hitting, power-pitching Braves as they wrap up the pennant

14 Spectacle: The Color of Glory
Richard Meek photographs the America's Cup defenders in a blaze of action

25 It's a Show, Fellows, Remember?
Jocularly serious advice to the major league club owners on their attendance problem

33 A Hike for Posterity
Justice Douglas leads a wilderness trek to protest plans for anew highway

38 Les Girls: Life under Pressure
There are women who come through when the going is toughest, says Herbert Warren Wind

51 The Big "Little Olympics"
The European Games showed that Soviet track supremacy is waning. By Robert Ball

56 Fishing the Miramichi
A study in color photographs of one of the legendary haunts of anglers

60 Ten Men in Search of a Cup
A unique picture-and-words interpretation of the history of America's Cup racing

The departments

5 Scoreboard
7 Coming Events
8 X-ray
19 Events & Discoveries
26 Wonderful World
38 Golf
47 Boxing
51 Track
53 Trotting
59 Charles Goren
69 19th Hole
72 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 46

Cover: Fishing the Miramichi

River of legend, famous salmon ground, the Miramichi of New Brunswick evokes nostalgia and desire in the heart of any angler who has ever cast for the great game fish of these northern waters. The color camera captures its mood as the great September run approaches its annual climax.

Photograph by Hans Knopf














Next week

•Sceptre, British challenger, proclaims an eight-page America's Cup PREVIEW, with text by Carleton Mitchell, panoramic map and all you need to watch the historic cup races.

•In nine pages of text and color pictures, SPORTING LOOK hails fall clothes for doers and spectators alike which fit them right into the picture of whatever sport they may choose.

•Monarch of the mountain wilds, the bighorn sheep is one of the greatest game trophies of America. William A. Fisher, a dedicated hunter, dramatically tells its story.