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A guide to the hotels, docks, charter boats, and airports in Newport and nearby towns


Every good HOTELin Newport has been booked solid for at least a month, and DOCK SPACE is justas tight. However, there are acres of free ANCHORAGE. And if you insist onsleeping in town, you can call on the Newport Chamber of Commerce on Thames St.The public Chamber will try to find you a private chamber in a home—averagerate: $5 for one person.

Across the harborin Jamestown—a 20-minute ferry ride—there are still room reservations in theBay View ($6 to $8), Bay Voyage ($3.50 to $4.50) and the James Shores Motel ($9to $15).

The best-knownRESTAURANT in Newport is Christie's off Thames St. This is a good place—righton the water, good drinks, good sea food. You can also get a good meal at thehuge, rambling Shamrock Cliff, at the Castle Hill Hotel (no liquor) and CliffWalk Manor, all on Ocean Drive. The Viking Hotel, just up the hill from theNewport Shipyard, has a dining room, breakfast room and a good bar downstairs.The Muenchinger-King across the street has a dining room and bar.

The best spotfrom which to see the races will be aboard one of the big SPECTATOR BOATS. TheArosa Star, an ocean liner of 7,119 tons, with a generous allotment of cocktailbars and dining room, offers eight days' accommodations for $155 to $410, plustax; a 24-hour cruise, $35; or daily excursion, including lunch and chair, for$15, plus tax. Reservations through Travel, Inc., Providence or Newport andalso at Male Travel in New York. The tenders for the Arosa Star will leave fromWaites Wharf, Newport up until noon and there will be parking at Waites for 300cars ($2.50 for 24 hours). The Boston Belle (1,049 tons, cocktail lounge andrestaurant on board) will sail daily from Long Wharf, Newport at 9 a.m.; priceper passenger: $15, plus tax. Reservations must be made by September 10 throughWilson Line offices in Boston and New York. The Viking, an excursion boat, willleave Newport each morning at 9 a.m.; fare $20. For reservations phone Viking7-4656.

If you want toCHARTER a boat—and take a chance on having your view blocked by largerboats—information on available charters can be obtained through Newport Chamberof Commerce and Vets Majestic Cab, Newport. Costs average $100 a day for smallboats carrying 6 to 8 persons, $20 a day per person for larger boats. If youanchor or moor in Newport, either on a chartered vessel or in YOUR OWN BOAT,best dock service is at Newport Shipyard, Christie's, and the Moorings.PROVISIONS through Stevens Delicatessen, which delivers anywhere in theharbor.

If you are comingto the races by boat and don't want to take a chance on anchoring and takingpotluck on a rooming house, the best bet is to head for one of the nearbyports.


Across the EastPassage from Newport. DOCK SPACE: Wharton's Shipyard, five boats; gas, water.MOORINGS: off Wharton's, 10 boats, $25, if you stay through the entire cupseries. PROVISIONS: best through Stevens Delicatessen.


Old Harbor 16miles W by S of America's Cup Buoy. LOW TIDE: 15 feet, 12½ feet at moorings.DOCK SPACE: Old Harbor Dock; 50 boats, first come, first served, $1.50 pernight for small craft, over 25 feet, $2 per night. Fuel, ice, water; showers atBallard's Inn, on dock. ANCHORAGE: limited space in outer basin.

New Harbor (GreatSalt Pond) 19 miles around Sandy Point Light from the America's Cup Buoy. LOWTIDE: 25 feet, DOCK SPACE: Champlin's Yacht Station, still space for 25 to 30boats by reservation; 10¢ per foot per night; fuel, ice, water, groceries, taxiservice. Payne's Dock, 100 boats, first come, first served; under 30 feet $2per night, 30 to 50 feet $2.50, and over 50 feet 6¢ per foot; fuel, ice, water,electrical outlets, showers. ANCHORAGE: Great Salt Pond, plenty of room.PROVISIONS: Block Island Public Market, Midway Market, Seaside Market.RESTAURANTS: Flo and Mary's, Deadeye Dick's, Pier 76. HOTELS: 38 hotels andinns, with space for some 1,700, will remain open if reservations warrant;average price $9 double with meals, $10 single with meals, $4 to $6 withoutmeals. If your own boat breaks down, the Yankee will sail from New Harbor,Block Island daily at 9 a.m., fare $10.


12 miles NW by Wof America's Cup Buoy. LOW TIDE: 12 feet. Use chart 268, which shows latestimprovements, dredging, etc. DOCK SPACE: only space available is on nine newfinger piers (for reservations contact Mr. Ise, State Division of Harbors andRivers, State Office Building, Providence). MOORINGS: none left. ANCHORAGE: 150boats. Boats may pull into docks for fuel, and into Point Judith fisherman'sco-op for ice, water and fuel. PROVISIONS: Galilee Grocery, Champlin's Market(sea food only). RESTAURANTS: Port Side, All Secure, George's. HOTELS: GalileeBeach Club, 18 cabanas accommodating four persons each, $4 per person,reservations only.


Seven miles upthe bay from Horse Head (see map). LOW TIDE: 12 feet, 8 feet at Mill Cove. DOCKSPACE: Wickford Shipyard has a few spaces left by reservation only. Fuel, ice,water, showers, marine supplies at the shipyard. ANCHORAGE: in harbor about 200boats, every man for himself. PROVISIONS: Lyons Super Market. RESTAURANTS:Marina House, Cold Spring House. HOTELS: Cold Spring House (about $5).


12 miles NE by Nof America's Cup Buoy. LOW TIDE: 8 feet. DOCK SPACE: Fo'c's'le, four boats, nocharge, but must vacate between 7 and 9 a.m.; fuel, water, ice. MOORINGS: sixto eight available through harbor master, $1 per night. ANCHORAGE: 25 boats, nocharge. PROVISIONS: Cove Market. RESTAURANT: Fo'c's'le.

18 miles E by N of the America's Cup Buoy. LOW TIDE: 10 feet. DOCK SPACE: TownDock, 8 to 10 boats, must vacate 12 to 3 p.m. for mail boat; first come, firstserved, no charge. Fisherman's Pier, possible eight spaces, first come, firstserved, $2 per night. ANCHORAGE: 90 boats, no charge. PROVISIONS: CuttyhunkStore. RESTAURANT: The Coffee Shop. HOTELS: The Bosworth House (dining room);Allen House, room and board $9 per day.


The weather offNewport in September is capricious, and pilots should include an alternateairport inland in their flight plans. BLOCK ISLAND STATE AIRPORT: 1 mile WSW ofdowntown area. Paved runway east 2,000 feet, rotating beacon and runwaylighting. UNICOM: 122.8 mc (airport hours only). SERVICES: Tie-down, aircharter, taxi, restaurant. Cost 75¢ to $1.50 per night. NEW-PORT AIR PARK: 3½miles NNE of Newport. Two runways, longest paved 2,330 feet, runway lightingand field markings. Obstructions: Pole line 700 feet north of field. UNICOM:122.8 mc. Services: storage, repairs, air charter, taxi, restaurant. Cost $1.50to $5 per day. MARTHA'S VINEYARD AIRPORT: 4.3 miles S of Vineyard Haven. Pavedrunways ENE 4,000, SSE 3,500, N 3,300, beacon, runway lighting and fieldmarkings. Obstructions: antenna pole SE. UNICOM: 122.8 mc (daylight hoursonly). Services: Tie-down, storage, repairs, air charter, taxi, restaurant. Nolanding or tie-down fees.

Other airports inNewport area are THEODORE FRANCIS GREEN STATE AIRPORT, 7.3 miles S ofProvidence, and NEW BEDFORD MUNICIPAL AIRPORT: 2.5 miles NNW of New Bedford,both with instrument landing systems; COVENTRY AIRPARK, 2.8 miles ESE ofCoventry; FALL RIVER MUNICIPAL AIRPORT, 4 miles N of town; EDGARTOWN AIRPORT, 2miles S Edgartown, and OAK BLUFFS AIRPORT, 1 mile SSW of Oak Bluffs, both thelatter on Martha's Vineyard; NEW LONDON AIRPORT, 1.7 miles N Water-ford;NANTUCKET MEMORIAL AIRPORT, 2.6 miles SE.