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THE QUESTION: How do you feel about the new rule which awards one point for a kick after touchdown or two points for a run or pass conversion?

Insurance Counselor
Willoughby Hills
This puts additional responsibility on the quarterback. Can't you hear the Monday-morning quarterbacks if his call backfires? If I were the first to score I'd kick for one point and put the pressure on the other team. Three yards near the goal line is a long way to go.

University of Louisville
Many of the coaches don't like it. That includes me. We will have to spend too much time working out a defense against spread formations. And we have to be ready with our own special plays after touchdown. This is the one play that can crucify the coach.

University of Minnesota
The change is terrific for spectator appeal, and I am for it. Should we placekick for one point or go all out for two points? The conservative coaches will kick because their chances for one point are 80 to 90%. The chances for two points on a pass or running play are only 50%.

Southern Methodist University
I don't like it. The rule came as a surprise to all of us. It is going to take more of the foot out of football. Some claim that this will bring back the field goal. I don't think so because it takes too much time to develop a field goal specialist.

University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, N.C.
Had I been on the rules committee, I would never have voted for this rule. However, those who did are good football men. My reaction on any change is first, can it be enforced, and second, is it fair to all? If the answer is yes, the change is good.

State University of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa
I can't tell you that I like or dislike the rule. We tried it in spring practice. The percentage of points scored totaled about the same either way. The rule might make the game more interesting or it could be a dud. It does put more pressure on coaches.

University of Illinois
I like the rule and I'm eager to work with it. This will put some spice into the most uninteresting play in college football. A lot of people have talked about abolishing the kick after touchdown, but this is a lot better. I am sure the fans will like it as much as I do.

Stanford University
Stanford, Calif.
I was a member of the committee that made this rule. Naturally, I like it. We have taken a stereotyped situation and put life into it. We have something new that adds tremendously to the game and makes the quarterback really worry about what he should do.

Clemson College
Clemson, S.C.
Although this modification of the kick after touchdown is going to put a lot of coaches on the spot, I like it. The rule will help football in the over-all picture. Coaches will come up with a lot of new formations. We will all have to work a little harder.

Boston College
Chestnut Hill, Mass.
More than ever before it leaves the door wide open for the Monday-morning quarterbacks. If a team scores first, goes for two points on a pass or running play and doesn't make it, the coach will really be in Dutch. I admit it will be good for the fans.