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Expressions of show dogs facing their judges can be meaningful to dog owners; when the show is on the scale of this year's 41st Westchester, dogs' expressions can become dramatic. Any hauteur shown in these canine portraits can be attributed to the crowd (1,892 dogs) and society. The Westchester Kennel Club started in 1907 with 81 members; J. P. Morgan (collies) and Richard Harding Davis (borzois) were first exhibitors; and Founder Harold Willets gave a best-of-show award, forgot to record who won it. Victory of Merriedip Duke George this year made headlines.

Spectators reaching 6,000-odd at peak of day-long show crowded the Blind Brook Polo Club grounds at Purchase, N.Y. The first Westchester Kennel Club show in 1907 was held on suburban farm.

Bedlington Blue Andante, owned by the William Rockefellers, was runner-up.

Miniature Poodle Reese's Pepi shows aplomb and alertness equally intermixed.

Great Dane Aquehonga All-Spice placidly watches rivals during judging.

Standard Poodle Mystic Moselle shows utter disdain of entire proceedings.

German Short-Haired Pointer Robin Crest Chip exhibits working pose.

Yorkshire Terrier, winner of toy group, reveals skepticism in the show.

English Sheep Dog, owned by Mrs. Marvin Kucker, won best-of-show award.

English Cocker Elblac's Bugle displays interest at winning sporting group.

Bassett Hound Cherry Blossom demonstrates quizzical curiosity of this breed.

Saint Bernard Terence, owned by Nancy Wright, displays saintly patience.

Boxer Barrage of Quality Hill, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Jouett Shouse, is intent.

Weimaraner Gretchen der Thunderer relaxes into grave quiz-show expression.

Newfoundland Little Bear's Zulu Queen expresses open-mouthed wonder.

Whippet Laguna Lucky Lad, winner of hound group, enacts eagerness to please.