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The World Series

15 Once Again, With Feeling. By Robert Creamer
60 Scouting reports and critique of teams

18 Two Spectacles at Newport
How Columbia took the first race amid a sea-rush of spectators. By Carleton Mitchell

28 New Waistline for Yachting
Then-and-now pictures reflecting a generation of change in America's Cup racing

30 Kickoff in Dixie
Jim Tatum's rebuilding job at North Carolina looks good despite a sudden road block

36 The Hidden Gamble in Racing
An explanation of racing's big-time syndicates and, in color, Mr. Fitz and his fine family

46 Willie Runs Out of Pep
Willie Pep loses to Kid Bassey in a fight that may well mark the end of his long career

56 An Embarrassment of Ladies
In the Wofford Cup equestrian competition three of the top scorers were of the wrong sex

66 Indians and Their Animals
Excerpts from the India journal of the great photographer Ylla and, in color, a stirring rhino capture

The departments

5 Coming Events
6 Football's First Week
8 Scoreboard
10 X-Ray
24 Events & Discoveries
36 Horse Racing
44 Trotting
80 Pat on the Back
46 Boxing
49 Charles Goren
52 Golf
54 Motor Sports
56 Horse Show
58 Bonnie Prudden
77 19th Hole

Acknowledgments on page 8

Cover: County Stadium

Baseball's biggest show gets under way next Wednesday in Milwaukee's County Stadium. For background on the World Series, turn to page 15.

Painting by Robert Gwathmey














Next week

•Virginia Kraft discovers a paradise for waterfowlers and fishermen on North Carolina's newly accessible Outer Banks, site of the Lost Colony and once a haunt of buccaneers.

•Carleton Mitchell completes a remarkable season of yachting coverage with his report on Sceptre's final challenge for the America's Cup. With photographs and charts.

•A preview of the pro football season by Tex Maule: scouting reports on the teams; technique of the professionnal T quarterback by Y. A. Tittle of San Francisco 49ers.