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Coach Earl Blaik, a longtime apostle of the simple T with standard variations, unveiled a new, explosive wing T featuring an unbalanced line and a lonesome end stationed some 15 yards away from his teammates in Michie Stadium. With Rookie Quarterback Joe Caldwell directing the show and employing All-America Halfback Bob Anderson as a passer (5 for 5 and two touchdowns), Army razzledazzled dazed South Carolina as Halfback Pete Dawkins (see below) romped for four touchdowns in a 45-8 victory.

Pitt, its interior line hitting hard while the ends shackled Holy Cross's talented Tom Greene, moved out in front on Ivan Toncic's short pass to Art Gob, added an 11-yard field goal by Norton Seaman and a 20-yard dash by Sophomore Chuck Reinhold to win 17-0.

Whitey Reimer, an unknown junior halfback who "was not good enough to play before," picked Syracuse up off the muddy turf in the second half, scored twice to help overhaul Boston College 24-14.

The Big Three had one of their most miserable opening days in many a year. Princeton was unable to contain Billy Austin, talented Rutgers halfback who had a hand in all four touchdowns, and lost 28-0, while Harvard found itself a 6-3 upset victim after Buffalo's hustling Nick Bottini blocked a punt and recovered in the end zone. Only Yale managed to escape and then by just the barest of margins as Herb Hallas' 79-yard sprint and Art LaVallie's two-point conversion edged Connecticut 8-6.

In other games, Navy showed little originality, confined its offense to straight bucks to beat William and Mary 14-0; Penn State bounced back to defeat Penn 43-0; Cornell scored over Colgate. The top three:

1. PITT (2-0)
2. ARMY (1-0)
3. SYRACUSE (1-0)


Wisconsin's big and hard-hitting inner line gave Quarterbacks Dale Hackbart and Sid Williams plenty of time to pick out their receivers while the lurking ends (see right) and cornerbacks smothered Miami Quarterback Fran Curci's bread-and-butter option plays to set the stage for a 20-0 Badger triumph in the broiling heat of the Orange Bowl. Wisconsin found Miami vulnerable to the middle-length pass in the first half and exploited the weakness fully before Hackbart twice sneaked across from the one-yard line.

Auburn, as big, fast and awesome as ever on defense, waited until the second half to warm up offensively in the NCAA's NBC-TV game at Birmingham. Gifted Quarterback Lloyd Nix teamed up with Halfback Tommy Lorino on a series of pitchouts, moved his backs inside and outside to beat Tennessee 13-0, leaving little doubt that the Tigers are well-prepared to defend their last-season AP ranking as the nation's best.

Mississippi greedily latched on to every break, manhandling Kentucky 27-6 to remain the No. 1 contender for the Southeastern Conference title. Ole Miss showed good team speed, a top-drawer runner in Kent Lovelace and a rugged defense when it was most needed.

Clemson and North Carolina tossed defense to the winds, put on a give-and-take offensive show before hometown Clemson won 26-21 in a blistering 93°. Clemson finally pulled out in front to stay on Halfback George Usry's second touchdown in the last quarter to give Coach Frank Howard his 100th victory, all the sweeter because it was scored at the expense of NC's Jim Tatum.

Whomped by Wake Forest, Maryland snapped back energetically and firmly to defeat North Carolina State 21-6. Halfback John Forbes (see page 60), who plunged over from the four in the first quarter, added the insurance touchdown when he grabbed a screen pass from Quarterback Dickie Lewis and sprinted 71 yards despite the loss of one low-cut shoe on the way.

In other games, Georgia Tech had some anxious moments before getting down to business in the second half to beat Florida State 17-3; Texas matched Tulane's passes with power to win 21-20; Mississippi State came from behind to creep past Florida 14-7; Virginia took to the air early and often to stand off Duke 15-12; LSU's Warren Rabb and Billy Cannon were just too much for hopeful Alabama as the Bengals won 13-3 at Mobile; Wake Forest defeated Virginia Tech 13-6. The top three:

1. AUBURN (1-0)
2. CLEMSON (2-0)


While the big fellows in the Southwest Conference were off cementing intersectional relations, Baylor remained at home to beat Hardin-Simmons 14-7; Texas A&M bowed to Houston 39-7; Arkansas lost to Tulsa 27-14.

Other results: Texas Tech overwhelmed West Texas State 32-7; Iowa State turned two pass interceptions into a 14-0 win over Arizona. The top three:

1. TCU (1-1)
2. TEXAS (2-0)
3. SMU (0-1)


The Big Ten, perennial home of hardhitting powerhouses, sat up and performed for the visiting firemen last week, treating invaders like so many unwelcome relations as Ohio State, Michigan State, Iowa, Michigan and even Northwestern made hometown stadiums rumble with cheers.

Ohio State's ground-huggers continued to rely on the attack they know best, but strangely enough it was the pass (for two extra points) that brought them a 23-20 victory over surprisingly stout and deep SMU. Big SMU Quarterback Don Meredith nearly passed the Buckeyes dizzy with 19 for 28 and 213 yards, but couldn't hit the big ones.

Coach Duffy Daugherty used his regulars sparingly, taking the opportunity to get a long, satisfying look at his many talented hands as Michigan State ran up 502 yards and rumbled over and through California 33-12.

Michigan suffered briefly while USC pondered its conversion strategy after almost catching up 20-19 in the last quarter, but the jittery Trojans twice incurred penalties, then switched signals and failed to make the winning points on a completed pass. Michigan's burly fullback, John Herrnstein, finally had his day, scoring twice, setting up a third touchdown and bulling for 144 yards.

Iowa's untested line proved its worth, holding TCU to a mere 87 yards as the Hawkeyes won 17-0. Quarterback Randy Duncan provided the aerial arm and Bob Jeter the ground effects. Jeter left 54,500 fans gasping when he broke away at the TCU 39, dropped the ball on the 12, grabbed it on the first bounce and stumbled to Iowa's first touchdown.

But it was left to Northwestern, winless last year, to provide the day's biggest upset. The Wildcats, led by Halfback Ron Burton, who scored twice, rose up to smite favored Washington State 29-28, then carried Coach Ara Parseghian, unaccustomed to such lofty heights, off the field on their shoulders.

Illinois and Indiana did not fare so well. The Illini showed an amazing reluctance to hang on to the ball, fumbling away an 18-14 decision to UCLA, whose Phil Parslow returned a deflected pass 98 yards for a touchdown and later recovered a bobble to set up the winning score. Indiana gave Notre Dame a few bad moments, but the sputtering Irish attack finally got moving to win 18-0.

Oklahoma, operating from a weird and wonderful assortment of formations with chronometerlike precision, completely humbled game West Virginia 47-14. Putting aside their ball-control game, the Sooners stabbed quickly and assuredly from the conventional and split-T, moved their ends in close and split wide, flanked their halfbacks to either side and made use of a widely unbalanced line as they threw the ball frequently and accurately. Quarterbacks Dave Baker and Bobby Boyd (see below) were two of Oklahoma's sleekest operators, helping to confirm the rumor that Bud Wilkinson has another amazing ball club.

In Other games, Purdue crushed Nebraska 28-0; Air Force beat Detroit 37-6. The top three:

1. OKLAHOMA (1-0)
2. OHIO STATE (1-0)


"A total mismatch. Arizona State will beat us by 100 points. I have scheduled a bye next week to allow the blood to coagulate," moaned College of Pacific's Coach Jack Myers. But COP's fabulous Dick Bass apparently wasn't listening. Pounding the line like a fullback and slicing inside and outside the ends like a wraith for 212 yards, Bass led COP to a 34-16 victory over Arizona State.

Washington, strictly a plodder, reversed strategy to come out throwing, made it pay off with 24-21 win over Minnesota on Sophomore Halfback George Fleming's 16-yard field goal at the end of the first half. In other games, Oregon State perked up just enough to defeat Kansas 12-0; Stanford lost another to Rice 30-7.

More than three decades of frustration came to an end when Brigham Young, never a winner over Utah, clicked on a 36-yard pass from Wayne Startin to R. K. Brown in the closing minutes to down the Utes 14-7 in the Skyline Conference. Wyoming, which must still test BYU and Utah, beat Montana 21-14.

Highly touted Colorado started off strong against Kansas State, tailed off some, but still managed to win 13-3. The top three:




BACK OF THE WEEK: Army's Pete' Dawkins slithered through mud for 113 yards and two touchdowns, added two more on passes to help beat South Carolina 45-8.


LINEMAN OF THE WEEK: Wisconsin's big and able end, Dave Kocourek, spent a pleasant evening in Miami's backfield, was the busiest tackier on field as team won.


NEW FACES OF THE WEEK: Virginia's fullback, Johnny Barger (left), overran whole Duke line on way to winning score; Oklahoma's Bobby Boyd (right) spelled regular Quarterback Dave Baker, completed 5 of 9 passes, two for touchdowns.


Army, already richly endowed with Bob Anderson and Pete Dawkins, has modernized its attack, and Penn State isn't deep enough to test the tricky Cadets. ARMY.

Big, strong Clemson may suffer a letdown after a close one with North Carolina. Maryland has one of college football's greatest keeper men in Quarterback Bob Rusevlyan, but I'll take CLEMSON.

Despite a weakness on the ground against Iowa, TCU is still the best in the Southwest and will have no trouble with Arkansas. TCU.

Greater depth, a fine multiple offense and brilliant sophomores give Michigan State the edge over a Michigan team which can move the ball and make few mistakes. MICHIGAN STATE.

A tough one to pick. Pitt has come up with good passing to go with a hard-charging line. Minnesota is hurting for backs. PITT.

Ohio State had a scare last week, but its ground game, the most ferocious in the nation, should hold off Washington. OHIO STATE.

Don Meredith is an accomplished passer, but the guess here is that Notre Dame will defense the SMU running attack and pack too many offensive guns of its own. NOTRE DAME.

Oklahoma, with a new and varied offense featuring lots of wide-open stuff, is off to another rousing start and should breeze past Oregon. OKLAHOMA.

Both teams have good offenses but are weak defensively. No pick here because I'll be working this NCAA telecast game on NBC-TV.

I still think Oregon State will develop into the West Coast's best once the Beavers get untracked. UCLA needs a passer and a better running game. OREGON STATE.