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THE QUESTION: Do you think you ought to have the right to pick the pro team you would like to play with?

George Washington University halfback
Washington Redskins
Yes. In my case I was drafted by the Washington Redskins—which suited me.However, the draft definitely ruins a college star's bargaining potential. He'sleft only the Canadian league to deal with. I might have considered goingthere.

University of Iowa end
Cleveland Browns
The college player should be given some choice. Many of us have favorite teams.A sensible compromise, fair to both sides, should be possible. I got a greatbreak being drafted by the team of my choice, the Cleveland Browns.

University of Idaho center
Detroit Lions
The draft is ideal for the league, but not fair to the player. We do gettelegrams asking if we'd be willing to play with a certain team if drafted.That's when you have a chance to discourage them if you want to playelsewhere.

University of Tennessee halfback
Chicago Cardinals
The draft is more than unfair, it's unconstitutional, the totalitarian way.Abolishing the draft wouldn't hurt pro football. For instance, no good collegehalfback is going to pick a team jammed with halfbacks. He'll go where he'llmake the team.

Auburn end
Los Angeles Rams
The draft isn't fair to the player, but that's the only way pro football cansurvive. However, if a player is dissatisfied, he won't be much good to a club.I am sure the coaches in the pro league realize this.

Auburn fullback
San Francisco 49ers
Although I am content, I think that the college graduate should be allowed apreference. Some clubs pay more money than others. The draft may be necessaryto balance the pro league, but it destroys a player's bargaining potential.

Maryland State halfback
Baltimore Colts
No. The draft is fair and it is good for professional football. It is mainlyresponsible for leveling off and keeping the clubs reasonably on a par. Supposewe did have our choice, where would we all want to go? To the rich clubs, ofcourse.

West Virginia guard
Baltimore Colts
Some persons, including the three coaches who questioned the ethics of thedraft before the Senate antimonopoly subcommittee, think we should, but I thinkthe draft is fair. Without it "football Yankees" would dominate thepros.