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14 The World Series
Great baseball was no longer a cliché, thanks to the Braves. By Robert Creamer

22 Spectacle: Ohio State Who's Who
Were you there for the Iowa game last November? If so, find yourself and your reward

33 Meet Lonesome George
Football's big names and major upsets have lost the spotlight to Army's new offense

38 Foreigners Are Closing the Gap
And U.S. golfers will be hard pressed to stay up front in '58, reports Herbert Warren Wind

58 How to Cook Wild Birds
The touches that make wildfowl delicious, fondly told by Amateur Chef Frederick Wildman

62 Revival at Tuxedo Park
A $1 million golf course puts life into one of society's famous resorts. By George Plimpton

68 The Coach: Too Big a Man?
Gerald Holland hears Boogey Man Blenheim discuss the pressures and rewards of his job

The departments

6 Football's 3rd Week
11 Scoreboard
12 Coming Events
27 Events & Discoveries
50 Pro Football
53 Boxing
56 Charles Goren
58 Food
86 19th Hole
88 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 11

Cover: Ohio State football

The oom-pah of the band is a major part of the football pageant, especially at Ohio State, where the tooters on this week's cover toot. Their loyal fans are on page 22.

Photograph by Jerry Cooke














Next week

•In a spectacular sequence in color, weekend cliffhanger James McCarthy employs his spider's web of ropes to conquer a six-foot overhang in rugged rock-climbing country.

•From South Bend, Dallas and East Lansing, on-the-spot reports of the three major games of the week: Notre Dame-Army, Oklahoma-Texas, Michigan State-Pitt.

•Lucky McDaniel's "instinct shooting" method teaches you to shoot with amazing accuracy from hip or shoulder. Graduate Student Martin Kane tells how.